Friday, 25 October 2013

Obrigada Portugal!

The Madeleine McCann Case has FINALLY been re-opened!

Link: BBC

Please Take Care of this case and don't jump to conclusions (re "paedo e-fits" and rings...) before you study EVERY DETAIL of the early situation ( May 2007, PdL) ; may I remind everyone that LIES have been detected about the so-called "forced entry" (see this page). Indeed the McCanns phoned their family and friends during the night to tell them it was an abduction and that the children's bedroom window was "SMASHED" (it was NOT) and the shutter "JEMNIED", "DAMAGED" -- it was NOT.

Let us not forget either that there has NEVER been a trial for the McCanns in Portugal despite the FACT that these "responsible parents" have LEFT their THREE Children under the age of 3, ALONE in their holiday flat (and errr.... as a consequence / or whatever, one went "MISSING"....). In the UK like it was the case even yesterday, people who do THAT are ARRESTED and then JAILED , their children go into CARE and they NEVER see them again. I therefore hope that such a normal, standard TRIAL will take place in Lisbon, or Portimao one of these next days. Thank you to Everyone who has signed and shared it. LINK for the Petition (click).

A Truth Seeker.
(I'm afraid that given the intimidating approach and behaviour of the McCanns and their "team" - well, paid staff - I still need to use a nickname so this time I am signing the most appropriate name: Truth Seeker.)

Obrigada.  + Merci and Thank You in ALL Languages!

In the Name Of A Rose!     Justice For Madeleine.


  1. -- just for the record -- it's late now here so I'll get back to this tomorrow, whether I comment or not. Feel free to post!

  2. They can not try the mccanns for neglect for a few reasons

    One they know that the children were not in fact left alone as stated. It was later concocted to purport the abduction theory.
    Two if they charge them with neglect they will not then be able to try and find them guilty of him oxide concealment of a corpse filing a false police report perverting the course of justice and all the subsiquently fraud that has taken place since that fateful day. The mccanns if charged and tried for neglect would get off with a slap on the wrist wich is why they were so happy to admit to leaving their kids alone. Admitting to a lesser crime with much less punishment.
    The pj were too smart to fall for that and instead are patiently awaiting that moment when they have a strong enough case to nail them to the floor.


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