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Madeleine McCann's parents vow not to return to Portugal unless new search finds daughter's DNA 

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Kate and Gerry McCann have “no intention” of being in Portugal’s Praia da Luz while forensic archaeologists and sniffer dogs scour the area

"Not going back: The McCanns will avoid the grim task" (did they mean "MASK"?)

"The parents of Madeleine McCann will not return to the resort where they last saw their daughter next week when British police will start digging for clues."
However, Mrs Healy, the mother, claims she goes back around twice a year to be "closer" to Maddy... Mmh... Well well well Mrs Plod, what have we got here?
"The significant new ground searches could begin as early as Monday, according to Portuguese sources.
But Kate and Gerry McCann have “no intention” of being in Portugal’s Praia da Luz while the grim task is being undertaken, a close pal revealed yesterday." [Yeah let's recap the other article going around these days: 

"A UK crack team – believed to include a forensic archaeologist, sniffer dogs and ground penetrating radar - will scour an area yards from the family’s flat in Praia da Luz.
Scotland Yard are focussing on two more sites close by as they prepare for an operation lasting between four and six days.
Portuguese officers will supervise the work and retain overall management of the search.

MDMThe beach in Praia da Luz.
New search: Detectives will scour the beach in Praia da Luz

But Kate and Gerry McCann have decided to stay away, a close pal has revealed.
The friend said: “They welcome the new phase of the investigation and hope it may lead them a step closer to finding out what happened to their daughter. They will be kept informed by Scotland Yard of any developments but they have no intention of going there. It is the last place they would want to be while digging takes place.
“It will be a hugely emotional time for Madeleine’s parents but it is a scenario they know needs to happen. They will only go to Portugal, God forbid, if any remains matching her DNA were found.”

PAKate and Gerry McCann.
" Hope: Gerry and Kate McCann are praying for a happy outcome "--> HAVE YOU READ THIS ONE??!! 



Former GP Kate and heart doctor Gerry, both 45, believe Maddie – who vanished seven years ago and would now be aged 11 – could still be alive. Gerry recently told supporters in his home village of Rothley, Leics, that they had been buoyed up by the Met Police investigation.
During a prayer gathering for his daughter he said: “They are going back out to Portugal very soon. They are chipping away and there is new evidence. We are going to continue hoping we get a happy outcome – and one day we will know what’s happening.”
Kate added: “We are still battling, still hoping, still searching for Madeleine.”??!! REALLY KATE? That's new! Hope you get successful, more than on the 3rd May 2007 night! Must have been exhausting going down those patio stairs and back up.

PAMaddie McCann
Missing: Madeleine McCann vanished seven years ago and still hasn't been found Well no, but BODY FLUID, BLOOD, DNA and CADAVER ODOUR WERE! Even in the flowerbed outside the flat, the rented car, Mummy's clothes and of course high up on the curtains.

And why is this pic SO airbrushed now? Can't see the marks anymore! Is this Madeleine at her "progression age" this year?

It comes less than a week after Scotland Yard chiefs said the search for Madeleine would enter a “substantial” new phase in the coming weeks.
Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley confirmed: “There is going to be a substantial phase of operational activity involving Portuguese police with British police in support.
“In a major investigation with multiple lines of inquiry and hypotheses, you have to systematically work through them all.
“This is a phase of activity based on those principles.”
Search warrants permitting work to take place on the privately-owned land had already been issued, it has been reported.
One plot is thought to be fenced-off waste land a two minute walk from Madeleine’s apartment which police hired a Portuguese air force helicopter to fly over earlier this month so they could take pictures. Diggers and other equipment are expected to be hired locally by the Met.

Roland Leon / Daily MirrorPraia da Luz
No stone unturned: Diggers are set to be hired in the search of Praia da Luz

Scotland Yard have sent formal requests to search two other plots of land - making a total of five - but the letters have not yet reached police in the Algarve capital Faro.
The “substantial” work Met Police have referred to is also expected to include interviews with new suspects identified by Operation Grange officers heading a British probe into Madeleine’s disappearance.
Several are understood to be ex-Ocean Club employees. The Yard has not ruled out the possibility Madeleine is still alive, but has prompted speculation with its dig requests that they now believe the youngster was kidnapped and her body dumped near her holiday resort.
They are linking 18 incidents when a male intruder broke into British families’ holiday villas between 2004 and 2010 and sexually assaulted nine girls with three near-misses.
One of the victims, a ten-year-old girl, was assaulted in Praia da Luz two years before Madeleine vanished from the resort.
Portuguese police heading a separate investigation into Madeleiene’s disappearance have not ruled out the involvement of a former Ocean Club worker who died in a tractor accident in 2009. Yes. He is dubbed "tractorman".
Euclides Monteiro’s widow Luisa Rodrigues has insisted her recovering drug addict partner, a convicted burglar, had nothing to do with Madeleene’s disappearance and was cleared of any involvement in the sex attacks after police questioning the year before he died.
Praia da Luz parish council leader Victor Mata has attacked the police excavations plans.
Claiming locals were “fed up with the Maddie case” and most “didn’t care anymore”, he told a Portuguese paper soon after the first reports of the dig plans emerged: “It’s bad for tourism. It’s beggars belief they’re preparing to open up holes here a month before summer.”
The McCann’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell yesterday refused to comment on the forthcoming police activity, saying: “I cannot and will not discuss Operation Grange.” OH PINKY, DARLING.

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  1. I note that the sites to be dug do not seem to include The Murats rear drive, as identified by Stephen Birch he says using ground penetrating radar back in 2012 that shows an anomaly of disturbed ground and a cavity consistent with that of a small child's body, that he says was also verified by 5 international & independent experts who advised to excavate in order to rule this out one way or another. He also states information was passed to the Met, Scotland Yard, UK & Portugese authorities & government but was deemed 'not credible' according to Kate's response on This Morning. Both this & Stephens interview with Sonia Poulton on tv around the time are on YouTube as is a radio station show he did with Kev Baker in 2015 (after these digs). I thought the idea was to leave no stone unturned but there's about 10,000 small gravel ones in this 10m by 2m area. I appreciate Stephen git this data by trespassing on the Murat property, however given he was the initial arguido, and the site in question was covered in a huge pike of rubble prior to the initial police search & when the Portuguese university did GPR scans in Aug 2007. GPR can only be done on flat ground. The reset drive, that serves no purpose due to the the much bigger one at the front, was laid in early 2008. Stephen has photographic evidence of this, has offered to pay for it relaying & put the money in trust with Portugese solicitor, as well as spending over £100,000 of his own money to try help the couple find their daughter in other ways before this, yet is dismissed as 'who is he?' & admits the Met informed them before it was in over 200 papers worldwide but no UK press that I can find. Given Operation Grange is still going and now past £12 million as of April 2016 (source Lotd Blackwood parliamentary questions in 2015) WHY NOT carry out this piece if work to be certain, & silence any critics?


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