Wednesday, 19 October 2011

An Interesting Theory

"It was to be the last night of the vacation and both parents were anxious to get to the supper
they had planed with all their party buds and the boys were tired from playing all day and they
had no problem getting them ready and put to bed.
Maddy was a problem because she knew it was the last night and did not want to waste any part of
it sleeping and really wanted to join her parents at dinner with her parent's friends and objected
to being left out of all the fun. She loved grownups and wanted to go too.
As the time for the parents to leave she got very unruly and demanded she should go with
them and it grew to be a war of wits between a 3 and a half year old Maddy and two parents who
wanted to celebrate one more time away from the children with friends.
One or the other parent, Both Doctors, suggested they give Maddy a sleeping pill or a setetave and
the case was made. Maddy would not be going to the dinner party.
While Kate was having a quick shower and did her face, Gerry got out his Medical bag and selected
a suitable drug for little Maddy and gave it to her. She had had this done to her before so she made no fuss
and accepted the needle as before.
The needle did not take the desired effect right away and Maddy started up again about wanting to join the party
and Gerey put his Medical bag away and left Maddy to continue to stew and protest and went and took
a shower as Kate finished putting on here face and....
When Kate was ready she came out and found Maddy searching her clothes for a dress to go to the party
and had to tell Maddy one last time she was not going with them and she had to go to sleep now as they were
already late and she got out her own Medical kit and proceeded to give Maddy a sedative and got her ready for
bed and put her there.
Maddy, at that point gave up the protest because the first sedative was starting to kick in and when Gerry came
out of the bathroom he dressed to party and Maddy was quiet now and they did their final checks and kisses and left
for the Party.
To be continued.. in part two. cause there is more to the story, much more." - Credits to our Friend Larry. -
See the page "How does this make you feel? - A Theory By Larry" here on this blog in a near future for the part two.


  1. Hello,
    I have found a similar theory here...

    Best regards

  2. Hallo Martina, Danke! Larry's not mentioned this blogpost so I know he's not been inspired by it. I need to add his second part but will do so on the other page only ("HOw does this page make you feel?").
    I don't know if (Johanna?/UnterdenTeppishGekehrt) has thought of the same ressucitation method as Larry did, but Larry's theory is pretty good (I wouldn't have thought of an open heart massage). I tried to comment on here but Google messing me about as usual, I totally lost my post. Lots of elements coincide well with this theory. As for 'Teppish', well once or twice I tried to leave a comment but she refused it so I don't bother with that place anymore, also I don't think that she is totally impartial regarding quite a few facts and questions. If 'you' want to look at a case, might as well be accurate, open minded and courteous to Others, not thinking you know the truth from the start because that is a HUGE, HUGE mistake. I'll just ignore her as she has to me - no big loss - so please no more reference to her blog, thanks...
    To come back to this theory of Larry the FUND is puzzling me in all this. And still there would be the necessity to bring the child to hospital/call an ambulance. After all if the sedation was illegal the McCanns would only got a suspended sentence or perhaps not even that, perhaps nothing as everybody was so sorry for them and they are anyway with BIG BROTHER ABOVE THE F***ING LAW! So if this was what happened what was the "need" to create a FUND and rob the gullible public blind?

  3. Good evening, Mega Fundline,
    thank you for your comment. You are right, Johanna has probably sometimes problems to accept any other theories or questions as her own. I agree and will never reference to that blog again.
    My question is why did the Portugeese police not find the body in the first moment when they searched with the dogs? It must or could be hidden somewhere near the apartment, maybe in the "blue sportsbag" and was apparent removed later...
    How was it possible for them to find so much reliable contacts during so short holiday-time they spent in Portugal?
    So, thank you for eventuall answers in advice and very very sorry for my wrong English- I lerarnt and spoke it nearly 30 years ago...
    Best regards Martina

  4. Hi Martina, your English is very good! I wish that my German was still as good as this. I've not spoken it/listen to it for 20 years and it's desperating not to understand much when I read on blogs, news or comments.
    Since PJ didn't find a body, it can mean a few things... it didn't exist... or was very well hidden, say, buried in a forest... and PJ couldn't explore every area surrounding PdL;

    or, the body got disposed off in another way like transported and sold, or chemicals were used (liquefaction... sorry about that...)or else. I think that possibilities about this are numerous.

    It's striking indeed as the McCanns and 'team' had ready contacts and all happened so fast in the helping, the setting of media scenes, then the creation of the fund-appeal... doesn't it look and sound like a gigantic orchestration?

    xxx M.

  5. A very, very interesting theory indeed and one that I have never even thought about. Well done to Larry for the contribution.


  6. Good theory. Its a lot more believable than the rantings of a You Tube user JANET MARIE JAMES as if she is that important. One sided rubbish and lies. Fails to take any responsibility for the neglect of three very small children. That is a punishable offence on its own.

    How anyone can support child neglect and especially glorify it , is beyond words. Then blatantly cover it by saying its all in support of FINDING Madeleine. When it is very obvious its only to protect those awful parents. It is beyond disgusting and vulgar. It is complete nonsense and a rewrite of history as with Kate Mccanns book.
    This person JMJ should have a read of the official police files instead of praising the Mccanns. Nothing but bias spin is this sad excuse of a human being putting out on YT
    What kind of person could highlight those Mccanns ? This person is either insane, besotted or family. The truth will out. It always does.


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