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Kate's Corpses Argument DEBUNKED.

Remember what Kate Healy apparently said to the Press to refute the cadaver odour which was detected by police sniffer dogs on HER OWN CLOTHES in the summer 2007?

According to The Sun, Kate Healy stated that due to her work, she had been in contact with several dead bodies as a locum doctor, hence the smell of death all around these places - and her OWN clothes. [see link, from The Sun:

"The dogs also sniffed items of clothing — and the film shows Eddie again picking up a scent on some of Kate's.
The family GP [= Kate] has insisted she came into contact with at least SIX dead bodies before going on holiday with her husband and three children."

Read more:

However, now I am wondering how could she come up with such pretense while being highly trained in biology and medecine, had she said this herself? Surely she should have checked a thing or two before she made her assertion. How RIDICULOUS this sounds, for anyone who searches a little bit in Forensics Science, and finds that she would have had to stay in contact with these CORPSES for 90 MINUTES for the odour to impregnate her clothes so strongly that it could be detected by a trained EVRD (CADAVER) dog!!!!!

( Beside, it seems that in her book there is no mention of this,  no more than of the odour on her clothes -fact that is yet a crucial element in the case. It gets me to wonder, why mention this to The Sun, but not in the book "madeleine"[sic], and why not even a paragraph on this cadaver odour? Kate gave me the impression that she was pretty much relieved after Gerry, her husband, pondered like a hard, final, conclusive decision that all the dogs' findings were 'worth nothing' as it's "no exact science". She as well as him NEVER questioned these facts in the way that it could be linked to their daughter's fate, why was this? Anger and immediate 'pondering' rushed to replace, as it seems to me, any question in their mind. It CAN'T be cadaver odour, the dogs LIE, they're garbage and beside, LOL, they had never been in Portugal before! I truly laughed at reading this part.
Here is Yan's demonstration:

"Some thoughts also on the tests done which indicate that it takes 90mins for contamination to occur.
The tests are based on exposure times alone, ie the length of time a piece of material was exposed to a body / cadaver.
The cloth exposed for a 90 min period resulted in the most detection.
The suggestion is when a body is decomposing it take 90 minutes before contaminating anything.

In fact this test totally contradicts the knowledge that contamination is instant. What it does in effect is suggest that something has to have been in contact with a body / cadaver for 90 mins before becoming contaminated enough for the dogs to accurately detect anything.
ie - If you look at the suggestion that KM as part of her work came into contact with dead bodies, this would mean she would have had to have spent 90 mins in very close proximity to one before becoming contaminated. "


  1. Yip, Kate is debunked LOL thats cos she is, well, defunked in thee head. Court date set for Feb 2012 ...... bring it on. It will be loads better than the Scotland Yard white wash .......... they have been instructed not to probe the McCanns to much. I wonder what Gerry has on them ? lol GO ON SUE ME. Anyway they can sue all they want ,,, cant sue everybody ha ha ha and cant change what the vast majority of the public think and say about them .lol. Fakey fund , er i mean company will soon be brought to its knees again OH,,, We might have Gerrys book to the rescue then , la la la. What next ? JAIL. Yes, one day cos Karmas a bitch. So keep suing, keep talking shit and lies, keep writing makey upy excuse books ( i mean works of fiction ) T Shirts, wristbands, travel packages , cos you two cowards are going yto have one hell of a mighty fall, soon. Everybodys sick giving you money, stop living off a dead child, you disgusting immoral pair.

  2. I am sure the McCanns believe what they say - it is a well-known thing that a hundredt times repeated lie becomes thrue.
    They are supported and protected by anyone who has reasons to do it. The profit seems to be that little child who vanished or died.
    Their promotion interwievs in Germany last month are sneering.
    Don´t give up in a search for the thrue, I wish you all the best.

  3. Hi "cadaver" and Martina. Exactly "works of fiction" do NOT work when no document to support a THEORY is published along the WORDS. I think too that sooner or later the TRUTH will bash a few people aside - surely then the protectors will be off the scene and shielded by some sort of 'retirement' and the CULPRITS will be left to... FEND FOR THEMSELVES, ah ah ah.
    Martina once again how true you comment rings. But they can try to bash our ears a hundred times more, good for them because there's always something that comes out - and it sounds interesting, like when kate slipped up TWICE in a gap of 4 years, to say the SAME: the "EVENT" happened at 9 pm on the 3rd May night. From the horse's mouth! See blogpost here on RTE Late Late show - search is available.
    I thank you both for coming to read and comment, and Martina you are much Welcome to come again (same for "cadaver" Poster.)
    Martina, would you be kind to (Bitte!) post a link or two about these recent German press reports?
    Danke if you do, thank you.

    (for those of us who only know a bit of basic German or none it would be handy, especially if you could give us a summmed-up translation of the article(s) - Merci! ;-})- wenn du kannst, xx

  4. Is the 90 minutes perhaps the length of time it would take for cadaver to impregnate cloth to the extent it could be detected after a long period of time has elapsed? Considering Kate is supposed to have said she was in contact with 6 six dead bodies prior to the holiday (and presumably she washed said clothes before packing) and if this news is correct, then she would have to be in contact for 90 mins if her clothing was still impregnated by the time Eddie indicated her trousers. As you've said in your article, it seems impossible for a doctor to spend that amount of time with a corpse, therefore she must have been in close proximity with one during her holiday rather than prior to it.

  5. Well said Sasha, sorry for late reply, I only have remembered this post recently. I think you sum it up well. I've edited my mistake as I thought to see it in the book, thanks to you and this forum:

    -where much info is added to this topic.

    I knew I had read it somewhere so my source wasn't Kate's book - and I apologise for this confusion to whom it may concern- but The Sun who states that Kate Healy SAID this herself to this newspaper team. However, I don't think that the McCanns ever sued The Sun for this 'allegation'? Or please correct me if I'm wrong.
    The Sun's always been known to often take the side of the McCanns and critise "the investigation" so this tells me that Kate cannot sue them for this 'snippet'... which can be crucial in the case. Beside doesn't Kate omit to mention the cadaver smell on her own clothes in the book? Again IF I'm correct there, it becomes quite an interesting element!

    Thank You. X

    (To other Readers: please note that I was only lent this book a few months ago, I haven't learned it by heart, lol, I was quite happy to come to its end and rushed to give it back. I will refrain to post anything without checking the exact source from now on, and thank you for sharing this blog. - If anyone spotted any other error, please feel entirely free to post below the articles/ posts to let me know, ty. Hi to all Truthers! xMega Fundline)

  6. Such a great topic the cadaver odour excuse by Kate, which is rather hilarious her having to take her work clothes on holiday with her for lack of money to buy new one's like everyone else, so no wonder their mortgage was already in jeopardy before Praia. Even more hilarious that she'ed take a childs cuddly toy with her to work in a morgue for fear of the dead bogey man popping out from under the slab, hahahaha! But I did read something Kate mentioned in her book in chapter 2, that she was working with students in the morgue... fuck me, she's now claiming to be a cadaver professor lecturing medical students on how not to leave cadaverine lying about the place, especially on their clothing or their cuddley toys, cause you know how fragile the NHS is, lol... WTF drugs is she on, cause for all we know the McCann's have paid for a few compulsive liars at medical uni to cover story for her pathetic excuse for having cadava odour on her clothing, and thinks we don't know the McCann's have been running about on uni site's all over the country for years drumming up support from sympathetic scizzos to help them out with their bullshite 6 dead bodies story.... so you can see how she's filled in the gaps in her book to cover her lying butt over where the cadaver odour came from... apparently Kate's got insight, or rather, preparedness, into next weeks lottery numbers too!


  7. That's correct Ka. Just like their site - WRITING THE WRONGS. Kates novel is put oyt there to WRITE THE WRONGS of all the porky pies lies they told back in 2007 and afterwards. A bit like back tracking. If the Kate was with students would it not have been easier to come out with that statement back then instead of the 6 DEAD BODIES. My God they have used any and every excuse from bloody sea bass to 6 dead bodies to bloody teaching medical students. The best part is we all see even more and more what a LIAR Healy is over and over again. That bewk is just the work of a lying idiotic woman. Keep talking Kate cos you are making yourself out to be the biggest liar known to mankind. I hope the 2nd installment of you're novel in its own way twlls us more and more. Your reputations are in tatters anyway no spin and top PR is going to wash it away its all SET IN STONE. The dogs told us what happened and that Madeleines body was in the apartment. Suzanne Pilleys murderer was sentenced to 18 years. He was found GUILTY on the evidence of the dogs / no body and moe calls. So borrowed time and its not long now till you are both behind prison bars. Nothing will ever clear your names. Madeleine died before 3rd May through neglect alone in apt 5A.


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