Friday, 20 January 2012

Some snippets are worth gold - or Gauld ;)

Hi All. I like surfing around the net to still discover comments or Posts that trigger a "Oh My Gawd!" inside me. Here's this one for example, from "Christobell"*:

[He/ She was mentioning Kate "McCann"'s book, dubbed "The bewk"]

"I have not read the bewk yet, other than the newspaper serial, and the clips I have seen online, and, I think it was Blacksmith who said, it is the longest confession in history, or something like that. I have a feeling it wil become iconic, but for all the wrong reasons, from a TM [team McCann] perspective that is, but a great help to forensic psychology students! Digressing slightly, in my mind, this feels like car crash tv, but in very slow motion. I am convinced that the Mccanns do actually believe their own publicity, it is as if they have lost all sense of reality in their quest for, hmm, I'm stumped, their quest for what?"


Kate McCann named one of the 20 most inspirational women in Britain

("Lol" @ "Inspirational" - this can be perceived in many ways...)

_______  Excellent! Ty. I love the image of a car crash diluted in many chapters by a woman who is supposed to be absolutely traumatised by a huge event - event that, before the book, she herself has broken down in many snippets and episodes. Kate's life... Kate's sexual media mania... Many of us have been through harsh, cruel, unfair and hurtful events in our life course, it is, when the case, difficult enough to talk about it, let alone considering talking to the press about it, and as to envisage [=FACE] the "opportunity" of making, writing a BOOK about this, well most People will be 'with me', we just prefer to deal with this privately, and even more than privately: personally, inside us, we actually rarely mention this, because simply it is a matter of an internal pain that gets healed over time, in various ways - enough said.

Now I seriously often WONDER, in the instance of a Mother who claims and likes to shout from every top roof [;)rooftop] she can find, that her beloved Daughter was abducted, in 2007, that is about 4 years ONLY before she published the book - and if we consider the fact that writing isn't easy for any amateur, it would bring the decision of this 'plunge' a while precedent- HOW, oh HOW could this Mother POSSIBLY stay static behind her writing pc desk, typing ALL these HORRID, CRUCIFYINGLY PAINFUL MEMORIES in the wide calm and requirements of logics and organisation that any book DEMANDS for its completion?

Ladies and Gents', I like Kate have Children and our whole Lives to care for, plan, pre-organise and then live, day by day; this includes a lot of activities as I also need to include my career into it, and by the way it is not as I have it easy, and I am about the same age as Kate. My Aunt calls us the "energetic 40's", because obviously she is older than a '40', but her own parameters were greatly different then when she was a '40'. Now, why am I including all these details? Because since last summer, precisely July 2011, I have started writing a Book. My book is not about an excuciating life experience: no! I couldn't do this. My own book is of a Sci-Fy genre, and it's still mostly in manuscript formats - I find it hard to find 2 days in a row to continue it. Anyway: as I wrote a bit above, yes of course I could, if I wanted to, write a PERSONAL book ON my own "life story" - not that I call deep events in my life, which include Other People's Lives, a "story".
Simply, to sum this up, still now, after years (decades actually), I would find it VERY difficult, and even to the point of getting 'self-inflicting', to write any book about this 'life story'.

However, Kate has given me the impression of BULGING to write her book. Amaral wrote his, yet many elements in Kate's book appear as a response to many people, including Mr Amaral. It's a book with a Revenge, also as I perceived it an attempt to "explain" and possibly to "put Britain Ladies in her pocket" - not to say a bit of "whitewash", because where are the PARAMOUNT parts to this case (let's remember this clearly for the author: HER DAUGHTER!) such as : Mr And Mrs GASPAR, Mr DAVID PAYNE, the CADAVER ODOUR on her own CLOTHES [Kate's], the SEMEN STAIN on a CHILD of HER's BED [bedding!in Praia Da Luz, 5a holiday flat!] and other 'UNimportant' elements like her own Family and Social Circle's LIES regarding the WINDOWS and the SHUTTER in MADELEINE's holiday BEDROOM.

Yes! ALL this!!!!

Now - again- these omissions are really important in the eye of a Child Case psychologist -these entries and these lacks of entries. Like we could easily all get to know Kate in between the lines as she luridly describes "The Tunnel", a 'vision' she attributes to her husband/love partner Gerry in the Nossa Signora Church in Luz, when this couple had the intimate pass to this sacred premise to themselves in private, we can also ask a Doctor in Psychology: Why does Kate associate SEX with Gerry in their Rothley bed with VISIONS/THOUGHTS of a PAEDOPHILE NATURE? - Read the book, or search this blog. It's all 'black upon white', it's there, here, we have a clear association of a Child going to 'sandwich' herself at night hours between her Parents - yes, that's common, Kids get scared at night and mostly look for 'Mamah', and we all end up sleeping in narrow fringes of the bed, or we are steaming 'in the middle', then we get up and finish the night on the settee downstairs, or anyway as we can. YET look at this paragraph. NEXT Kate is thinking of what? Well.. a PAEDO.

Again, I find this association of thoughts really disturbing. Since SY or NSY (New Scotland Yard) are looking int this CASE right now, I am demanding from them that they should logically refer to psychologists, - and REQUIRE PSYCHOLOGY -field study of this case at all levels- once more I am not writing this lightly, again read this blog and you will see that I have conducted numerous 'workshops' in this subject: Madeleine McCann Case, hence I know that standard psychological in depth study/ies is/are needed herein.

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  1. Just had the strangest thought.
    Is the reason the SY team is so big not because they want to find out what happened but to think of a way to support the theory of what happened. Will need a lot of good minds to make any of this sensible.


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