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It all started with the SAME LIE 5 years ago today!


on the night of the 3rd May 2007!

"The window was smashed" - "The shutter was tampered with"

HOW would you comment on this, Gerald McCann and Kate Healy? 

Take a look:

"Her aunt Trish Cameron, who lives in Glasgow, said she felt certain her niece had been abducted.
"They last checked at half past nine and they were all sound asleep, sleeping, windows shut, shutters shut.
"Kate went back at 10 o'clock to check. The front door was lying open, the window had been tampered with, the shutters had been jemmied open or whatever you call it and Madeleine was missing..."

Kate Healy, missing Madeleine McCann's mother, "grieving"...

"Mr Hill [resort manager] said that despite the report by a family friend that the shutters to the couple's apartment were broken, there was no sign that anyone had forced their way in while the McCanns ate at the tapas restaurant 200 yards away.

He said: "We are hoping that Madeleine is found as soon as possible and safe and well. Everybody here is just wishing that she is found as soon as possible."

But family friend Jill Renwick told GMTV the McCanns were certain that Madeleine has been abducted.

"They were just watching the hotel room and going back every half-hour and the shutters had been broken open and they had gone into the room and taken Madeleine," she said."

"Speaking to the BBC later, Ms Renwick said the McCanns, holidaying with three other British families, had felt let down by police in Portugal.
"I spoke to them this morning and they said the police had done nothing overnight and they felt as if they'd been left on their own.
 "They just don't know where to turn."
But resort manager Mr Hill said this was not true, and that police had been searching with dogs overnight and continued to search today.
He said: "The police have their dogs in and have been conducting sweeps of the beach and rocky areas very close to the village.
"There is a criminal investigator here in charge of the situation and around 20 officers but unfortunately there is still no information.
"If I was in the McCanns' situation, I would be frustrated as hell if there were 100 police here - I would still be frustrated and want more.
"I can't put myself in their position but the police were here with their dogs through the night."
He said detectives had not found a forced entry into the apartment but said the shutters had been slid up and the bedroom window opened since the McCanns left.
As to whether the police were now looking at an abduction, he said: "We just can't speculate at this stage. I hope not." Source:
Also see: McCann Files Site (many Thanks) and The First Reactions:
"Note how consistent the stories are that an 'abductor' gained access to a locked apartment by breaking open the shutter on the bedroom window and escaping by the front door.

The story changed later when it became clear the shutters on the window had not been forced, were not damaged in any way and could only be opened from inside the apartment.

From that point, the McCanns became convinced that an 'abductor' had entered through 'open' patio doors and escaped through the open shuttered window.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, is eventually forced to admit that "There was no evidence of a break-in".
It seems slightly odd that Kate McCann should feel the need to phone a childhood friend at 2:00am in the morning - after all, what could she do to help?
It's also interesting that Linda McQueen says that Kate 'was trying to get everything up and running to find her'. Surely, Kate would have been better employed 'up and running' looking for Madeleine herself rather than ringing a childhood friend who was in no position to offer any help.
It appears to show that the McCanns were already embarked on a campaign.
Why did they need to get 'everything up and running' when the police were already there? How could they think so logically at a time of high emotions, extreme stress and desperation.
We have been told by friends and relatives that the McCanns were absolutely devastated and uncontrollable with grief - yet they had the calm presence of mind to undertake a carefully organised system of phone calls to friends and relatives to get 'everything up and running'.

Jon Corner, a close friend of Mrs McCann and godparent of the twins, said Kate telephoned him in the middle of the night distraught.

He said: "She just blurted out that Madeleine had been abducted. She told me, 'They have broken the shutter on the window and taken my little girl.'
"They had left the apartment locked while they were having their meal, but when they went back the last time they saw the damage."
After speaking to her a second time, he repeated his earlier account, but this time in stronger language
He told how tearful Kate sobbed down the phone early yesterday: "Someone has taken my little girl."
He continued: "She was in an absolutely hysterical state - very, very distressed. She blurted out Madeleine had been abducted.
"Kate said the shutters of the room were smashed. Madeleine was missing. It looks as though someone had gone straight past the twins to get to her."
""She just told me that Maddy had been abducted, that the shutters of the apartment had been forced and someone had taken her."
"Maddy was asleep in the room with Sean and Amelie and whoever has taken her has gone straight past the sleeping twins, left them completely alone and snatched Maddy."
"Kate is just so distressed. She doesn’t know what to do. It has knocked me and everyone else for six. It doesn’t actually seem real."


WHO really needs more evidence that it was all a HUGE LIE?

Is this as a whole not enough for the case to get re opened and start with a standard TRIAL? Then we would see what the "Responsible Model Parents" who have the AUDACITY to give advice to Others answer to THAT! I would LOVE to watch and hear how they respond to this page which is the authentic reporting of the TRUTH, as everything published here is easily checkable as genuinely quoted - hence actually uttered by the McCanns, and repeated to the press by their close family and friends.

Yes. They've ALL said what the McCanns told them on the phone on the 3rd and 4th May night, purposedly as it stronly looks. All of them in unison. Did they check afterwards? Surely they did, some went there early and saw it was all lies. John Hill, the POLICE, the local Witnesses, including Staff, EVERYONE saw and heard the PATHETIC LIE! - But, did they approach the "grieving" jogging parents about it? Mhh... They still all flew there for comfort and working towards the mediatisation and organisation... of the FUND.

Why do you grant tax-paid TIME to people of the sort but neglect all the rest of your country? Use that money and give a sheltered BED to Teens who are HOMELESS WITH THEIR PARENTS. You're a SHAME, a SHAME! TWO MILLIONS granted to so-called "Scotland Yard" "detectives", all that to hear that, DESPITE THAT WE CAN SEE AND READ ABOVE,  Mr Redwod has DECIDED that it was STRANGER'S ABDUCTION! What a farce and total waste of public money.

Also, at any time, the McCanns CAN request the RE-OPENING of the case by simply writing to the Portuguese authorities. Is it any wonder, in the lights of their evident LIES, that they NEVER requested it?! 


A Voice for Madeleine


'It Is Abhorent To Suggest Bad Parenting'

Last night the family of Madeline McCann made an emotional appeal for her return, 24 hours after she vanished from her bed in the Algarve while her parents were having dinner nearby. The little girl's Aunt, Philomena McCann says the family is devastated.
Note: Philomena says she has spoken to Gerry ''several times'' and she is still recounting the 'abductor through the window' scenario, when she says ''It is obvious that someone, with malicious intent, went through that window.''
When Ian Woods asks: ''Is there a temptation for them to get out and try and search themselves...'' Philomena replies: ''Yeah, well, I mean for Gerry and Kate they want to get out there, they want to search everything, they want to leave nothing unturned.'' - Yet Kate later admits, in the McCanns first interview with Jane Hill from the BBC, that she never actually did any physical searching. There are also no reports that Gerry ever searched beyond the first few immediate hours after Madeleine's disappearance."


Gerry tells Brian Healy the shutters were broken and the door was open, 05 May 2007

"Gerry told me when they went back the shutters to the room were broken, they were jemmied up and she was gone," said Mr Healy. "She'd been taken from the chalet. The door was open."
Full article:
Grandfather: evidence that three-year old was snatched Guardian
Sandra Laville and Dale Fuchs in Faro
Saturday May 5 2007
The grandfather of a three-year-old snatched from her parents' holiday apartment in the Algarve said yesterday that there was clear evidence she had been abducted.
Police helicopters flew over Praia de la Luz yesterday as the hunt intensified for Madeleine McCann, who went missing from her bedroom in the apartment on Thursday night.
Teams of officers used sniffer dogs to scour the resort, in the south-west of Portugal, where Gerald McCann, a cardiac surgeon, and his wife Kate, had taken their three young children - Madeleine and her younger brother and sister, who are twins - for a week-long holiday.
Mark Warner, the holiday firm which runs the luxury resort, claimed last night there was no sign of a break in at the ground floor apartment overlooking the sea. But Brian Healy, Madeleine's maternal grandfather, told the Guardian his son-in-law had phoned him shortly after returning to the apartment from a nearby restaurant to find Madeleine had disappeared.
"Gerry told me when they went back the shutters to the room were broken, they were jemmied up and she was gone," said Mr Healy. "She'd been taken from the chalet. The door was open."
Mr Healy flew to Portugal yesterday to lend support to his daughter Kate, 39, who is a Leicester GP, and son-in-law Gerry, 38, a consultant cardiologist at the city's Glenfield Hospital. He denied suggestions that the couple had simply left their three children alone while they ate in a restaurant.
"It is not right to say that they just left them," said Mr Healy. "They could see the chalet from where they were sitting in the restaurant, they were a hundred yards away. They went back every half hour to check on the children. When they returned at the end of their meal she was gone. My daughter can hardly speak. She is distraught, she is crying and in shock."


'apartment was locked up' - Liverpool Daily Post 06 May 2007

The McCanns made sure the toddler, who turns four next week, and her two-year-old twin brother and sister, Sean and Amelie, were sound asleep, and that their apartment was locked up.
But between their checks at 9.30pm and 10pm the apartment was broken into through a window and Madeleine was taken, according to the young girl’s aunt, Trish Cameron.
Link to full Liverpool Daily Post article


Timesonline 06 May 2007

At 9.30pm Gerry McCann checked his children and they were sound asleep, with Madeleine lying with her comfort blanket. Thirty minutes later his wife returned and found Madeleine gone and the shutter of the rear window open.
Silvia Batisa, head of administration at the complex, helped to comfort the family and interpret their interviews with the police: "The parents were devastated, in a panic. They wanted more police and dogs immediately. Kate said all the time, 'Please find my daughter’ and ‘Madeleine is beautiful'."
She recalled that the twins were still asleep in their two cots and there was the small, bright pink wool blanket that Madeleine likes to hold when she sleeps. "We walked out quickly so as not to wake up the twins. The parents immediately said, 'She’s been kidnapped'," said Batisa.
There are 2 particularly interesting things in this report:

1) It again highlights, despite a number of other possibilities, the McCanns immediate insistance that Madeleine had been kidnapped.
2) It casts doubt on the belief that 'Cuddle Cat' was Madeleine's sleep comforter, instead it suggests, from this report, that her comforter was a 'small, bright pink wool blanket'. This is later confirmed by David James Smith's article published on 16 December 2007 which states that Madeleine 'was lying almost in “the recovery position” with Cuddle Cat, the toy her godfather, John Corner, had bought her, and her comfort blanket up near her head'.


Susan Healy's account of first conversations with Gerry and Kate

On 23 October 2007, Spanish TV aired an interview with Susan Healy, Kate's mother.
In the interview, Mrs Healy revealed details of the first frantic calls she received from Gerry and Kate after Madeleine went missing. The first call she received was from Gerry and the call from Kate came an hour later.
She said: "Kate rang me and said, 'She's gone, mum. She's gone', the night Madeleine disappeared.
"I was able to say to her, 'We'll be able to get her back'. I'm finding it harder to say that. But we're not going to acknowledge she's gone from our life altogether. She's too important for that."
She also revealed that she initially thought there had been a crash when Gerry called her on the night of May 3.
She said: "Gerry phoned me and said, 'There's been a disaster. It's a disaster'. I thought there had been a car accident. He was hysterical. It took me a while to realise. He just said 'Madeleine has been abducted from her bed'."
Susan then talked about how Kate had clung to her Catholic faith since Madeleine's disappearance.
She said: "It was as if she started to ask God straight away to give her Madeleine. Possibly, she feels that there has to be a greater thing that helps her to get Madeleine back, something that has more power than we have."
In the interview, in which she was joined by husband Brian, she was asked about the fact that police believe Kate killed Madeleine by accident.
She said: "I don’t understand the fact that Kate's been made an arguido. I know it's rubbish and because I believe things usually work out, I'm reasonably confident this will go away. For Madeleine to be dead, that's something that could never be rectified."

Additional Credits and Thanks to The McCann Files Site.

Here's some fun blogging: -after all why shuld I want to be sad today? Like Blacksmith I have run away from MORE lies.

Madeleine McCann at nearly 4 years old (or so it was stated in the press), missing since allegedly the 3rd May early night 2007-as stated by the parents and "tapas" friends.

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  1. Dan stuk the tennis instructor met Russell O'Brian on the search.
    The tennis instructor was in a vehicle.
    This little nugget of fact is in R O'Brians statement.
    O 'Brian was next door.
    The instructor was with all of them at various points on the 3rd.

    1. The Lost Marketing Ploy10 May 2013 at 20:29

      Very interesting, thank you! This shows (sorry, if accurate) that they did have access to a vehicle. It seems also that they or at least Gerry had ready connections there from previous trips in the Algarve... (Where can I read this for myself about your info, is this in the PJ files?)

  2. Thank you for doing so much to inform people. I am aghast that this farce continues today, £12 million now spent up til April 2016, (flooring a parliamentary question from Lord Black of Brentwood in June 2015, Lord Bates answered £10.1 million with a further £2 million to continue to Apr 2016 but he dressed it was reviewed regularly-by who? The McCanns themselves and their buddy's in parliament FFS. And in December 2016 more funding agreed, presumably another 2 million by April this year. All this given the foundation of LIES this house of cards was built on from the very beginning. The sheer number of anomalies and changes in statements of all the Tapas 9 is astounding, every bit of suspicion they have brought on themselves NO ONE IN AUTHORITY IS LISTENING. We need to make a plan about next step eg a gov petition or a demonstration as none of the mainstream media even acknowledge anything and state the abduction as fact despite all the evidence to the contrary. I've noticed you spotted the efits on Crime watch done 2008, by the Irish family who all say couldn't see his face, just 'NOT MURAT' & only gave statements after RM made arguido. Similarly Nuno Lorenco only reported on 4/5/07 the attempted abduction in Sargres on 29/4/07 as well as photo taking! And then Jane Tanner, also at a later date than the night, & later still gabe the detailed description that was same for all witnesses. Do 3 guys same age & height dressed like indiana Jones!! Are they serious? Yet DCI Redwood claims James suspect came forward after over 6 years, still has all same clothes to take photo but blur face? No reason not to identify him now been ruled out though he was carrying the child outstretched. I mean it's all explained from start to end in Richard Halls video yet he sent the slide show to all UK papers & no reply from them at all. He did on his own in a few months what 30 detectives can't do in 10 years (or at least 6 for Op Grange) with £12 million. Not to mention the site Stephen Burch identified with GPR under rear drive at Murat & offered to pay. Yet they searched 5 sites not this one in 2014 with diggers &GPR . What a disgrace. Same trick as report in December.


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