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McCanns' Toddlers To Grow Reverse

Twins wearing SAME clothes BEFORE and AFTER the long holiday in ALGARVE.
Is this not strange?? Children grow a lot when Toddlers, 5 months is a lot of time, no parent would buy clothes to keep them for FIVE MONTHS on ANY Toddler!
Yet in the case of the McCanns, tadahhh! Magic! Here it is though, the TRICK:

"Re: Most pictures taken on same day
Post Lance De Boils on Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:10 am

Regarding the kids' clothes:

Amelie's top before [the holiday in] PDL

And after, [in Rothley,Leicestershire, England, 5 months later]:
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Seans top Before:
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And after:
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Amelie's top before:
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And after:
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More to follow if anyone's interested? [yes please, and Bravo!]

Lance De Boils

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Donegal, Ireland, at Family's, EASTER 2007

MAY 2007 SEAN MCCANN  with Kate Healy and Fiona PAYNE
Ocean Club pool, shortly after his Sister's 'disappearance'
Here's SEAN MCCANN again, but... at Easter time 2007, somehow looking older than... AFTER...
(his toddler belly appeared afterwards, about a month later... like we see on the pool photo, Ocean Club picture above)
And why are poor Amelie's head and neck crushed this way? With her hair pulled aback... by the cousin whose face expression seem to send a message to the photographer, by the way: could this have been a gross attempt to make her look smaller?
Spring/Early Summer 2007 Ocean Club,
after 'Maddy''s 'missing event' - toddler belly for Sean has gone missing too,

Obviously do not get mistaken by the title of this video - it's a pc-screen capture to show in which video 've taken it from; Public Credits self evidently reproduced. The photo shows Little Madeleine McCann at around Christmas 2006 time.
Similar photographic material can be seen net - widely, but don't reflect the same growth stage regarding the two twins, A NEW Blog Post is soon to come about New Comparisons.
Feel free to post Photo Links! Ty.
 OK to BLOG around TOO! None of these I'd found myself, it's all PUBLIC search and Find! GOOD I think, what do you think? Qu'en pensez-vous? In the McCanns' family, Kids have an art of growing... suiting the calendar AGENDA!
But the question is WHY?
Has there been a twin or more sisters to Madeleine, one having died in the 5a flat, OC, PdL, showing the cadaver odour and all the other 'trimmings', while one or two similar looking siblings might be living somewhere else? Is this why the PJ asked Kate a question about ADOPTION BY FAMILY??!!

In this case the McCanns wouldn't lie... about the postcards that 'she' has sent to her twins.
She then would be treated like a Princess... well looked after as her father has stated several times! He would also be right regarding the sudden absence of COLOBOMA, for twins or triplets or mass in-vitro embryos can't all have this eye defect. Then One Nice Day like by God-Sent Miracle, "Madeleine" Will Be Returned.... a story that Everyone with a half-brain will LOVE to watch!


  1. an interesting comparison there: http://s574.photobucket.com/albums/ss184/ThreeMaddies/Other%20anomalies%20and%20landmarks/?action=view&current=ScreenHunter_06Jun112223-1-1.gif

  2. Hi megafundline, I'm interested in Maddie case a lot and I completely agree with you. When I look closely at the twins I don't see the same children. I put together some pictures and I tried to give them on jillhavern.forumotion.net but my topic was locked. I would be glad if other people could inspect them too. Is it possible to give it here?
    Thanks, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa, yes of course you can send your material to me at lostmarketingploy@gmail.com - I will not reply from there but will here on the commments - with compliments.
      I know there is no real freedom of speech on Jill Harvern's forum but this blog is Open. ;-}
      Thank you for your visit, comment and offer to help. I will publish quoting "Lisa" for the credits.

  3. Post the pics Lisa. I for one will be waiting to see them with interest. This case stinks to high heaven. Yep not allowed to express freedom of speech on a lot of the forums. This place is great

  4. Look at the pic of that other minger Fiona Payne. Weird little girl hair in pig tails. Davy must like the ' little child ' look. Its disgusting how they all lie & not one of them will speak up. Madeleine the victim & they don't care. What disgusting low lifes. Anyway they will always be known as the child neglectors and liars forever.

  5. Is this page still active

  6. Sorry for bumpimg after 7 years, but who is the girl in blue being held by the Grandmother in the 'Amelies's Top Before' picture ?


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