Friday, 12 April 2013

Most Suspicious

A grave on the Rocha Negra Hill - see further...


  • "Gerry McCann grieving
    From Gerry's blogs:

    "Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand."
    "An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended."

    "Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear."

    Gerry McCann on grieving

    "The first 48 hours was akin to having a bereavement. It was as though Madeleine had died. It was anguish, despair, guilt, helplessness all falling into one.

    "But it is different to a death, where you grieve and try to move on. Madeleine is not dead. We have been thrown into an ongoing trauma, an ongoing crisis of the unknown."

    - Telegraph, 31 May 2007

    "In the first few weeks when I slipped into dark moments of despair, I was finding it quite easy to emotionally switch a light back on.

    "But I've been finding it increasingly difficult to do.

    "I don't want to do that any more. I want to be able to grieve and let those emotions out."

    - Daily Mirror, 11 June 2007

    Leaving home for fun in the local park, with the twins
    Gerry McCann and the long-term agenda

    'On the flight to Berlin, Gerry wearily admitted the couple's campaign to find Madeleine could last years.

    They refuse to leave Praia da Luz while their precious daughter is still missing.

    Asked how long they might stay there, he said: "Well, our kids don't start school for three years."'

    - Daily Mirror, 07 June 2007"

    As seen on a hot discussion public Group. My respects.

    Kate Healy ("McCann") 's "madeleine" (without an upper case M)'s excerpt: (DISCLAIMER: this is copied from a public forum comment; the poster typed this content, which, from memory, appears to be exact, yet we do NOT have any "html" version to compare it with. So here is the Copy & Paste of it:)

    "I felt a compulsion to run up to the top of the Rocha Negra. Somehow, inflicting physical pain on myself seemed to be the only possible way of escaping
    my internal pain. The other truly awful manifestation of what I was feeling was a macabre slideshow of vivid pictures in my brain that taunted me relentlessly. I was crying out that I could see Madeleine lying, cold and mottled, on a big grey stone slab. Looking back, seeing me like this must have been terrible for my friends and relatives, and particularly my parents, but I couldn’t help myself. AND ALL THIS NEEDED TO COME OUT! I dread to think what it might have done to me if it hadn’t. "

    Revelations?! The McCann Couple claimed to have jogged to "the monument" in JUST 19 minutes (surely it becomes handy as a reminder about the fore-coming London Marathon... I GUESS?) - There was also a visible (you couldn't miss it) OBSESSION about that hill, "the black rock", the ROCHA NEGRA. Why??? Then a so-called "DOG"'s grave (with a stone CATHOLIC CROSS on it) was discovered at the top of it. It is, yes, rather STRANGE, once again. Photos and enhanced editions from Pat Brown's Blog Material // and from another source also: a Dedicated Forum Member who has traveled to Praia Da Luz  ---  with thanks:


    The view from there, nice and clear.

    If you care to scrutinise the whole grave photos (by Criminal Profiler & Author Pat Brown), there are dried flowers, most of them having fallen with their vases (= long glasses) around THAT stone. So this means (to me) that this is yet another grave, separate from the main other yet nearby: related.  Who or what lies beneath?
    Do the missing Child Madeleine McCann's MOTHER's writings in her own book relate to these tomb stones?:

    The other truly awful manifestation of what I was feeling was a macabre slideshow of vivid pictures in my brain that taunted me relentlessly. I was crying out that I could see Madeleine lying, cold and mottled, on a big grey stone slab. "


  1. I saw these pictures before on Pat blog but now I can't find them can you please post the link? And please explain the meaning of the filters you used in them? And congrats this is an amazing job (pictures and post)


  3. The Lost Marketing Ploy9 May 2013 at 00:43

    I am utterly sorry. I have tried to reply both your comments, Anonym #1 and 2, but I give up for now, wishing had copied my answers to you. Thank you for your Interest.
    Blogger (who can't reply anything due to site errors!) - have to try with "Name"....

    ps, thank you and, Anonym#1, be careful what you in photo edition. Try different free programs with the same photo (best your own) Practice with contrast, exposure, colour filters , effects like "Invert" or "Boost" or else but make sure you DO practice - a lot - first before you can grasp how it works.

    And please google Pat Brown blog rex dog... then use the site's Search box. x

    Anonym#2, thank you. Where is this strange grave site? Spain?

    Regards, The Lost Marketing Ploy

  4. Thank you so much for answering me! I tried google before but then I just googled Pat Brown PDL and I found them,if I add Rex or grave it only shows your blog. Anyway I googled the graves Anon 2 posted and they are in Arcos de Valdevez,north Portugal,

    Anon #1

  5. The lost marketing ploy, I'am anon#2. The link I posted is not a grave site, they are very old crop containers in Portugal's Peneda Geres national park.


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