Monday, 19 August 2013

"DCI Redwood. Are you sure you are in the right job?"

  • WHAT WOULD SHERLOCK HOLMES DO? (What really happened Part2)

    Famous for ruling stuff out and what was left would be the truth let us apply his M O to this seemingly complex case but which probably isn't.
    "She's been abducted" scream each McCann to each family member down the phone the night of May 3rd 2007.
    They don't just tell one family member and request they spread the word.
    No. They repeat the same mantra separately to each individual relative.
    To bolster their story they also say "The shutters have been smashed", also repeatedly.

    The first thing Holmes would do is check the veracity of their claim of the shutters being disturbed. He immediately sees they have NOT been and finds only one fingerprint. That of Kate's. Knowing that the parents in a missing child case are the first, and indeed most likely suspects of maldeeds, he already knows the McCanns are guilty (of something) given they have lied about the shutters. He knows he is looking at an attempt to stage an abduction, the word "ABDUCTION" the two have bellowed at their relatives, and somewhat surprisingly, the media and priests before even searching for their missing child, something "normal" parents would be doing.

    Given that the McCanns spokesman, Mitchell, had to grudgingly concede that the shutters were NOT dislodged or tampered with TEAM McCANN subsequently change their story to leaving a door unlocked. We need go no further to know who is the guilty party here. The attempt to stage an abduction fails and has demonstrably failed.

    The cadaver dog and blood dog identify blood on the wall and the scent of death in their apartment 5A, where no one had died before.
    Consider then: 5A, no one died in there before, McCanns holiday in there and are one child down and blood and afterwards blood and death scent in there..

    DCI Redwood. Are you sure you are in the right job?

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