Saturday, 31 August 2013

The McCann case: an orchestration? Daily Star clues us up:

May I ask you, "ANONYMOUS" reporter at the DAILY STAR, how you came to get this information? Thank you by the way, for it is gold.
Since when what is going to happen in a Court is revealed in... advance?? As someone pointed out on the Controversy group on Facebook, you might as well publish the VERDICT now too! But again, in the name of all the people, truth seekers or else, who follow this case, thank you.

Uh uh... The THREE sentences article (wow) says:

"Portuguese Goncalo Amaral, 52, is being sued for £1million in libel damages by Kate and Gerry McCann, both 45.
The civil case in Lisbon will be adjourned on September 13 and will then continue on September 19 and 20.Madeleine vanished just days before her fourth birthday from her family’s holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007."

So what else will happen, Anonymous? Can we know more please, today? This would save our time this September... Will a bunch of the invisible justice squad meet in an obscure room and decide of the full trial in advance too, on that day? This is interesting, very, especially in the light of some LONG association between the McCanns and certain media..... and the LONG and strong protection that the McCanns have always enjoyed, obtaining exclusive appointments with PRIME MINISTERS and even, AH, the Pope. First time in history, also, for parents of a missing child to hire an ex-government P.R.! (Just put money in envelopes and send it to the McCanns, it WILL GET THERE, Mr Clarence Mitchell had clearly said...)
Old photos saved in the holiday camera used for posters (whereas more recent ones of Maddy existed...), long haul planning such as a "concert for the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance" (dixit the father), TV appeal to abductor script notes KEPT by the mother for years (as she tells us in her book) and now even the PRE-SETTLED adjournment of this first day of oncoming court: predictions in this case seem to be a normal thing to do for "Team McCann" or PRs or media (or perhaps, an "all in one"?).
Isn't it time, if you still fervently believe that this saga is only about two poor parents who were, in their own words, "at most, naive" (despite being doctors...) and rightly claim money from private AND public donations (since millions of pounds Sterling go out to a "review" by New Scotland Yard every year, = Tax Payers funding) to look for their daughter (which they clearly don't and NEVER have done), to finally OPEN YOUR EYES?!

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  1. As predicted by the informed Daily Star, it DID work exactly "like it said on the box": no longer the morning had passed in court, the rest of it got CANCELLED - only the McCanns lawyer Isabella Duarte seemed to know why.... "The judge had a problem".... "God" ;), this should go in the UK/ USA TV Series: "Strange, or WHAT?" !!!! ---- that "all in one" lot forever gives me the giggles. What professionalism.... Maddy, in all this?!


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