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McCann Vs Bennett: Mike Gunnill may be called as a "WITNESS"

McCanns Vs Bennett - Mike Gunnill may be called as a WITNESS: At least it seems the judge presiding over today’s court hearing had been fair towards Tony Bennett. Although a couple of proposed orders by...
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My comment on Little Morsals: megafundline said...

Another one just shared. Banging right GUNNILL should be involved in this court after the deceitful act he has committed. Even the Telegraph "chief reporter" Mendick was using the element that many of us understood as a fact: Gunnill very likely sent the copy of the booklet to the McCanns after he obtained it on false pretenses, based on trust - but Mendick seems comfortable in adding this to his soup article as a hint that "the evil MF" would have sent it to the McCanns.. it's all so laughable, I bet the Judge is getting really amused at this charade - and hopefully will stir things up in the direction of TRUTH-finding for Child Madeleine.

9 February 2012 23:53

Addition by The Lost Marketing Ploy: Extract from Madeleine Foundation site, author: Tony Bennett:

"I cannot conclude this statement without giving an honourable mention to Mr Mike Gunnill of Kent, a past member of Jill Havern's forum, and, for all I know, a present one, under one of his many personas, aliases, and 'socks'. Mike Gunnill, it may be recalled, was the photojournalist who took the photograph of Debbie Butler (near whom he lives), used by the Sunday Express alongside their front-page headline: 'The McCanns' Stalker' on 16 August 2009. His website at the time was remarkable for including over 100 photos he took at the gruesome 'House of Horror', Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey, scene of decades of child abuse and possibly even child murders by depraved paedophiles. Some on this forum may recall how Gunnill e-mailed me in January 2010 under one of his many pseudonyms, 'Michael Sangerte', claiming he lived in 'Berkshire', asking to buy a copy of '60 Reasons' (other names used by Gunnill in previous correspondence with me (before I knew his real identity) were Jason Peters and Peter Tarwin).

I refused. He then wrote me a further begging letter stating that he really wanted an original copy of '60 Reasons' because of his 'historical research', adding that he was 'willing to pay a high price' for a copy. I then offered to obtain a copy belonging to a close relative and asked him to send £5 including postage, which he did. He asked me to send the book to Michael Sangerte - not in Berkshire, but at an address in Kent. Subsequent enquiries showed that this was Mike Gunnill's home near Maidstone, Kent. The very day after the book was sent to him, he bragged on a McCann-believer forum that he had obtained a copy of '60 Reasons' and had already sent it to Carter-Ruck, who were apparently 'delighted' to receive it. He later openly stated on that same forum that he was being employed 'on a mission'.
This, however, is how this incident is reported in Isabel Hudson's affidavit, paragraph 37:

"We continued to monitor the situation, and in early February 2010 we received evidence (again from a well-wisher) which suggested that the Defendant had sold at least one further copy of the '60 Reasons' booklet
(one of the publications specifically complained about in the libel claim form which had been issued for the purpose of obtaining undertakings to the court)...I exhibit a copy of the e-mail thread between this well-wisher and the defendant (which should be read from top to bottom) at page 26 of Exhibit IJH5".


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