Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Special Treatment Costs MILLIONS To Tax Payers UK!



  1. I thought I have saw that shade of BLUE before ........ Paynes silence over the Gaspar statement is very LOUD. Kathie 20

  2. Indeed it is LOUD! Anyone else would have vigorously protested and taken action. So why does the police not interview him and his wife regarding these PAEDOPHILE statements?! Even social worker Yvonne Martin was saying she knew that guy from somewhere, caugh caugh.... Are we back in the Roman times and all these dirty moron VIPs escape normal procedures cause they're "above the law"?! Well, NO, so we should carry on and carry on until something is done to get to the bottom of this. Otherwise we may just all the have vile paedos hanging around with OUR Kids on holidays and in the streets, in cinemas etc. I refuse to see that guy walking free, cool as a fucking peacock when there are accusations and hints pending on him which he hasn't even refuted, as you say Kathie. Mag


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