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The McCanns Above The Law?

By the Author of Faked Abduction

"Gerry’s Tunnel Vision

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New Year’s Day 2012 kicked in with the gruesome news of the body of a murdered woman found on Royal property at Sandringham in Norfolk, England. The following day I overheard a US television station reporting the story. The American presenter was talking to a reporter in England and he asked how this would affect the Royals. The response was the mind-boggling, “Oh…well, the Royal Family will not come under suspicion.”
This is incredible. Now excuse me, but if a murdered body was found in your backyard, do you really think the police would immediately rule you out of any suspicion? Does it mean that the Royal Family are exempt from prosecution in homicide cases? When did that law come to pass?
Haven’t we encountered a similar situation with the McCanns? Weren’t the McCanns impervious from prosecution and surrounded by similar blind-support of innocence?

The New Year’s Day story came at an appropriate time for Truth for Madeleine. Late in 2011 an alleged, credible source in British intelligence communicated information that would seem to finally explain why the McCanns were given assistance from the highest echelons of the Establishment.
For almost five years, followers of the Madeleine McCann mystery have debated back and forth wondering why the British Establishment stepped in to assist the Tapas 9 in a way never seen before. There have been many missing British children. There have been missing British children abroad. Many Brits have found themselves in legal pickles abroad but they have never had the red carpet treatment. Not, that is, until the McCann Roadshow came along.

A vast array of former policemen spoke of the McCanns’ innocence without having full knowledge of the circumstances. Murdoch owned newspapers like the Sun and the News of the World fawned over Kate and Gerry. Private planes were brought in to ferry the McCanns around like they were superstars. Gerry was nominated for “Scot of the Year” and both he and his wife were on first name terms with two successive British Prime Ministers.
None of it made sense.   ..."



  1. Is that why they said they were delaying their bewk because of the Royal wedding ? Was that McCann letting the Royals know he can just steal their headlines and imagine what he could do with " tunnel Vision " info - when we all knew fine well The Bewk would be released on Madeleines birthday.
    It wasn't a case of mcCann spin it was McCann THREAT
    I perdict - car accident

    1. It was curious indeed, and more stupefying now in the light of this "anonymous" person's theory. I did wonder too, a long time ago - and at the time I wrote it on the "three arguidos" forum, could there be a connection between the McCanns protection and the royal family? This "anonymous" email to one of them was really strange...
      A threat would be a possible explanation for this date coincidence: I understand you as you say this, like the threat of hinting: WE are STILL around. YOU still know that WE KNOW *Something*... Well to add a wee thing, remember how Morocco was so much in the lights? It's mostly islamic.... Now WHY Morrocco, out of ALL countries were Maddy (or body...) could have been "shifted"? WHY MORROCCO? Why not: Spain, France, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Sardenia, Corsica, Ireland, England, Scotland... etc, etc.... why was the obsession with Morrocco? Oh yeah they DID go to Italy: NOT to search, but to see "his Highness" the Pope!!!! - anyway: Morrocco, an ISLAMIC country.... and the future husband of Lady Di was.... a Muslim, right? possible connection here, maybe, once again... See:

      -then anyone "VIP" from a nearby islamic country (the map states that these countries in the brown colour legend are 86% or more islamic) could have easily met with.... the Interested.... you get my drift, NSY should be looking at ALL possible tracks!

      -well spotted re this other 'coincidence', ty. If there is something Gerry knows then he changed the bewk release date to respect the agreement - otherwise he could have messed with the Royals headline.... and started RUMOURS via the net / via ANONYMOUS letters / emails.......?!!!!! The whole thing araised my curiosity. You could be right, if the case of Gerry knowing something, then it would be a REMINDER!
      Thanks again.

  2. That horrible little man should have been awarded CHILD NEGLECTOR OF THE YEAR along with his equally horrid wife. Fred and Rose of Praia De Luz. This will be all brought to an abrupt end one day.

  3. What did they do with Diana's heart upon her death.
    We imagine they buried it with her.
    They could have cloned with it - used it for ritualistic murder.
    Many things.
    For some of them you would have needed a doctor.
    preferably an heart specialist.

  4. Ask Gers how he got his 33rd degree mason the kiddie killer

  5. Dig up their garden in Rothley, Murats is the red herring


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