Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Scottish Humour


1 - Talk about pregnancy and birth - THAT SELLS TO YOUNG MUMS
2 - SHOW PICKS OF GRANDAD MCCANN - that appeals to grannys and grandpas out there
3 - MAKE OUT WE SEARCHED - we don't want the rest of the public to find out we were busy with the fund.
4 - JUST TALK SHIT IN BEWK KATE - we want to fill pages cos we got fuck all else going for us
5- PUT IN PERFECT LITTLE GENITALS TORN APART - increase of sales to make the paedophiles and perverts buy the BEWK
6 - CALL MRS FENN A LIAR - cos her statement is fookin dangerous and damaging to us. Make her out to be a silly old woman.
7 - TALK ABOUT OUR SEX LIVES - sex sells and again it appeals to all the weirdos out there that want to buy the book.
8- MAKE OUT CARTER RUCK WORK FOR FREE - that way everyone will be too terrified to write about us and we can threaten to silence them
9- REMIND PEOPLE TO KEEP SEARCHING AND DONATE TO THE FUND - that keeps the mortgage paid and enough cash for those damn legal fees


Credit to a dear Friend! - And here's some more Scottish humour, by another Friend:

Madeleine Seen In The Seventies!!!

"I have thought about your great idea and with all the sightings of Madeleine. I did think of one. Madeleine has been seen in Belgium, Holland and so on and you were the only one ever to spot that the sightings were coming from the same professions as the McCanns. They were always a doctor or a fucking teacher. I have a photo of my sister taken in the 1970s and she looks like a Madeleine look-alike and I thought, "Well, the McCanns have had Madeleine in all the countries in the world, all the situations and scenarios but they fucking missed this one: MADELEINE SEEN IN THE 1970s."


  1. Little Madeleine. Poor little girl, worth more now than she ever did. Not just greedy people but companies lawyers, newspapers and a book with another book being written for Spring. What next year ? Another book , then another and... Even the first book did not say to much. It was all about Kate and her feelings bearing in mind this woman never cared about leaving her children night after night and how they felt. The sickening ' perfect genitals torn apart ' was a low blow and a cheap way to gain sympathy. The McCanns are evil incarnate.

    1. The football top photo reminds me of the two little girls from Soham.

      James Bulgers mother was quoted as saying " he was never known as Jamie. The press called him that "

      The McCanns also said Madeleine was never known as " Maddie " it was the newspapers that said that.


      Seems like McCanns are using other people sorrow to cover their own back sides. Anyone that can go out night after night leaving behind three little toddlers has no shred of decency n moral fibre.

      The " perfect little genital " probably came from a file of distressed mothers inner secret thoughts. Thoughts of what could have happened to their childs little body cutting their heart like a knife everytime they thought about it. Not Healy, she saw away of selling a books. A new way for sympathy. Its digusting and to sell another book , words fail me.

    2. Very true about patterns. This summer I was reading "The Holiday" by Erica JAMES, a great book which was written/ edited in 2000. Near 3/4 of the book, yet another story is mentioned, this of a missing little girl... This insert doesn't have much to do with the topics so it stands out. Given the context (an upper/middle class group of friends on a luxurious holiday abroad, by hot weather, all of the friends units residing in nearby villas by the sea, with a lot of coming-and-going to/fro the airport), I couldn't help but thinking that 2 frauders who plan to lose a kid abroad and enrich themselves with a fund would get VERY inspired by such an insertion, in such a context.
      So I see exactly what you mean with this well spotted pattern. nother one I found evident was the HUNTLEY hint. Friends of the McCanns were comparing Murat to Huntley but how ironical was this! hen it was in fact the McCanns, friends and family who kept behaving this way, wanting to KNOW every step of the police moves and investigation.
      Patterns are interesting to study in this case, it seems that lots were followed. Within a group of People, we had started gathering a small list of books and movies that could have inspired a well-organised crime... Of course I'm not talking about real persons or case here - everything I write is purely fictional!!!

      Ty above for the MCCANNS' SECOND book info! "Wow".... Anyone else here remembers their MOVIE-project? There was also serious talks about a TV SERIES.... and it DID materialise although some elements were changed :"Inspiration of the story comes from the real life drama involving vanished British native Madeleine McCann in Portugal. However, unlike the McCann story, the soap opera features a teenager who disappears and not a small child. The disappearance in a local club makes the story very similar to that of Jorge Matute Johns, a Chilean youngster who disappeared and was never seen again after leaving a party at a local disco. The list of suspects is long and includes family members, fellow students, and friends of the teenager who frequented the same places that she did prior to her disappearance.

      Production began on August 14, 2008."
      or google: Madeleine McCann tv series Chile


  2. I think a TV channel couldn't be bothered with the list of complaints if its based on the book ' Madeleine '. There would be too many people voicing and opinion on the telephone about their child neglect. I think BBC 2 the Mothering Sunday with Kate McCann received thousands of complaints about how she had left her children alone and went out drinking. I don't agree with what Karen Mathews done. She hid Shannon under a bed base and cried abduction. Karen Mathews was put on trial and is now in prison. The McCanns are walking around free even tho blood and CADAVER pointing to Madeleine having died in the apartment. Shannon Mathews is thankfully alive but, poor Madeleine is not. Evidence clearly shows that and the parents have shown that by their behaviour as in not searching and sleeping normally within 5 days.


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