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DCI Andy Redwood Believes In Stranger Abduction!


You'd think I'm writing a Spoof, wouldn't you? Well, not.
As quoted in the Express Co Uk: "Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood said he believes her disappearance was a stranger abduction, as he said there are 195 "investigative opportunities"."

So Ola, d'abord, Monsieur, what IS the JOB of a DETECTIVE? It's to INVESTIGATE. If you start your investigation "BELIEVING" something then you are BIASED, and acting like quite an IDIOT to be honest. I'll go beyond this: Andy Redwood, you do NOT deserve your position and you SHOULD be SACKED. In fact I'd love to see Amaral back on the scene in Portugal and you REMOVED from the Scotland Yard. I would clap: BRAVO!!!!!

BBC One tonight was broadcasting a Panorama titled on their website: "Madeleine - The last hope?" but, LOL, curiously as a few friends and I switched it on it was titled on the tv screen: " The Liverpool Titanic Girl"!!! Did they mean Kate Healy I wonder?

By the way thank you to Joana Morais for having blogged about this in order to pre-inform us all about it.
On Joana's site we can read a pre-article about the Panorama programme: "Panorama also interviews former Home Secretary Alan Johnson MP, who criticises the initial Portuguese investigation of the daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann.
“It seems to be disgraceful,” says Johnson. “It didn’t seem to me that they had had the benefit of a proper police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine.”
Johnson was the first Home Secretary to carry out a feasibility study into whether the Metropolitan Police could review the investigation. He met Madeleine’s parents and says: “I was enormously sympathetic to their case. All the stuff that appeared in certain tabloids suggesting they were the guilty party, you know it’s very difficult under that kind of saturation coverage not to start believing in some of those theories. But by the time they came in to see me I was absolutely clear that they were the victims in all this.” "       (Here we go, once again. How many times do we have to teach them the SAME lesson?! Who IS/WAS the REAL VICTIM in all this??? WHO, would you think? Thank you. And stop bashing our ears with your propaganda, you most ef thee "media", cause NEXT TIME, WE WON'T WATCH IT!)

Mr JOHNSON, what is DISGRACEFUL is to IGNORE the FACTS like YOU and the charming BBC DO. Never, NEVER in your words or in the rest of that "McCannorama" as Joana says, we have heard anything about
1) The LIES BY THE INNOCENT MCCANNS about the "forced entry",
2) The CADAVER ODOUR spotted by highly trained POLICE DOGS, the BLOOD, etc
3) The CONTRADICTIONS in statements, all of them, between the "Heroes" and their "Seven Stars",
4) the issue of MURAT: why did this one recently co-sign a letter with the McCanns? Even tonight on BBC McCannorama he was still feeling stressed out from the HARM that the McCanns' friends caused him, by using the police against him, to follow and stalk him, then ACCUSE him, etc, etc, he was saying himself he only realises NOW what has happened to him, YET, Mr Robert Murat Still Kindly and Fondly Accepts to do what??? To SIGN A LETTER written at the incentive of the McCanns! COME-ON.
5) the more than strange ATTITUDES and reactions of the McCanns all throughout the "post 3rd May 07" events. Whatever these events were, no other "grieving" parent has ever shown themselves up in these ostentatious, arrogant, greedy and celebrity-like ways. COME-ON!

Let's take a backdated look at our Innocent Victims:

Oh, did  forget to mention their DOUBLE HELPING from their "search for Madeleine"-MEGA FUND to pay for their "Rothley Manor" MORTGAGE? And that's not all... the list of OBVIOUS pointers is too long to include in this post. I recommend the reading of Mr Amaral's Book for more details. Other books like Faked Abduction by Brian Johnson may also come handy.

Back to the McCannorama:
By the way...  Is it true what is said in Portugal, that a PACT was made in 2008? a SECRET PACT between the two countries: Great Britain and Portugal... -But I suspect, there again to try and remain fair to my informers who support Mr Amaral too, that G.Amaral's played-down tone was the works of the BBC being at its best tricks again: using every bit they could to make it all look like ALL was OK in the UK, and that the McCanns are OF COURSE, INNOCENT!

And, you know what, BBC so-called impartial media? When you as a TV channel are TRYING TO MAKE THINGS LOOK LIKE SOMETHING ELSE, it is, purely and simply, called:


It needs spelt out for them, let's call a cat a cat, and a child monster-desertor a child monster-desertor. Or NEGLECTOR. All of you who condone the McCann's CRIME OF NEGLECT and (other) disguised action BECAUSE YOU ARE in fact SCARED OF THE BLUFF THEY CONDUCT, ALL OF YOU, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE CHILD ABANDONMENT AND MORE CHILD NEGLECT (NOT TO MENTION CHILD ABUSE). You ALL FACILITATE it by MINIMISING the FACTS and being hypocritically, cowardly COMPLACENT to it.

Full Video showing the BBC propaganda in its full "glory": HideHo's PANORAMA - Madeleine: The Last Hope? April 25th 2012


  1. What was that freak on about now in that article??: "Mr Redwood said "evidence that she is alive stems from the forensic view of the timeline" that there was the opportunity for her to be taken. Investigations show "there do appear to be gaps", he added."

    He doesn't make any sense! except for the GAPS, that's for sure, I agree that the Heroes and their Seven Stars left PLENTY gaps! But here's hope:

    "Detectives in Portugal are also understood to want the case reopened but must gain judicial approval via the courts."
    Mmh... As long as the PACT doesn't engulb them too, I should hope...


    -seriously, that REDWOOD from NEW Scotland yard talks like he has well rehearsed his play! But in this instance he has mixed all his lines! I'm sorry, it just confirms to me that he is an utter IDIOT, because what he says doesn't even have any logical sense. Look at his words again: "evidence that she is alive stems from the forensic view of the timeline" , eh WHAT? STEMS FROM (= comes from) the forensic view (why not FACTS?! LOL), OF THE TIMELINE. Errr, Which is that one? Do you mean, Toto, the TWO different time lineS that the Heroes and their Seven Stars had READY for the POLICE IN PORTUGAL TO SEE? Ah ah ah ah! The DONE RATS!!!!!!

  2. The fact is that perhaps only one person in the whole world really knows what happened to this beautiful child and arogant therorists, who's statements may cause profound pain should keep quiet, unless they have relavant evidence. I personally welcome anyone of a professional nature to investigate this case. God bless Maddy and her loved ones.

    1. yeah like Madeleine's parents who lied to the whole world via their family and friends like Philomena and Jon Corner who "believed" and repeated what they were told about the forced entry with the kids' bedroom window so-called "smashed". Hence I truly feel too that at least ONE person knows the truth! In any case all these new 'reviews' should investigate these lies and only a trial would help the truth a bit further out.
      When this culprit is finally caught it will be years of imprisonment with a huge debt to both countries to pay back, not to mention the huge apology that will be due too, to both the public and the governments, police, press, etc.

  3. Anonymous - God bless Maddy and her loved ones ? Are you for real ? What kind of muppet are you ? Its a bit late in the day to bless poor Madeleine. Dumped in an apt alone night after night by neglectful parents. The same neglectful, selfish parents that dumped her body like a piece of house hold waste. So God WON'T bless them natural justice will kick them in the teeth one day. So get a life and take you're poor parents blessings on another place cos this place is for TRUTH and JUSTICE. Another thing - if you are for Madeleine you would QUESTION her parents. So clear off. McCanns will fall big time on their butts.

    1. Hi and hello "All". Thank You, this "Ann.". I so MUCH agree with you on this Commment.
      What ever "parent" would condone CHILD NEGLECT?!

      We had it HERE, in front of our eyes, ears, NOSE: MRS FENN, while she was still alive, hesitated to call the police at what she WITNESS: She WITNESSED the SOUND of a little toddler Child calling: "DADDY! DADDY!" - now THIS sounds and reads to me that it was a child of OVER 2 calling this way. Calling for HELP. Mrs Fenn was aged, Ok, so we'll all be, normally, it doesn't mean. however, that she was "senile"! I strongly REJECT all these MILD forum attempts that dare say that it could be KATE calling "Maddy! MaddY"! UTTER NON-SENSE!
      Mrs Fenn could absolutely DIFFERENCIATE a Toddler's VOICE from a mature LADY's voice. NO WAY it was Kate Healy, because Kate Healy was PING-pointed right outside her flat DOOR, (telephone record system, the P.I.N.G.)the DOOR SILL, calling on her mobile phone a friend in the UK several times (like in a PANIC!)
      Then this mother stepped out, and after a while, near 10 pm, or so she states in statements (TApas Bar Staff were no police, after all, NOT paid to watch her/ their every move!) Mrs Fenn the DIRECT above neighbour (and the walls are THIN) CLEARLY heard a TODDLER, not a Baby, A TODDLER, SCREAM "DADDY! DADDY!" Now... was this a call FOR her Dad? Or was it a call for her MUM, urging her to STOP DADDY TO CARRY ON DOING WHAT HE WAS DOING? Or, ALLOWING someone else to insist in their action?

      Seriously. I'm NOT in any breach of ANYTHING for just THINKING this. The mild UK forums are full of EXCUSES for the McCanns, ENOUGH.

  4. Hey anonymous with the blessings. Should you not be OUT SEARCHING for that ONE PERSON ? Is that the person with no face ? Wait a minute ... I mean the George Harrison lookalike eh no hold on The pox faced man eh no wait the un mentioned Panorama SMITH SIGHTING of GERRY. That's it GERRY the CON ARTIST with his mysterious BLUE HOLDALL. That for sure is the CULPRIT. All that CADAVER ODOUR just happened to blow in the window ? That fine BLOOD SPRAY and CEREBAL FLUID pointing to a fractured skull or broken neck must have just magically appeared from Kates arse ? The hair and bodily fluids of refridgeration must have came up through the hire car floor. Kate must have borrowed clothes off dead people. Why don't you piss off out of here and take you're blessings for Ian Brady and Myra Healy elsewhere. They WILL get their day. Conscience is a killer just look at Healys aged face of late LOL

    1. Airing their hired car Renault Scenic CAR for DAYS?!
      NOT searching for their CHILD, though anyone else was doing so?! I remember Gerry RECENTLY say on some media / site: "Anyone who has TEMPORARILLY lost a child, would know how this feels..." Yes my dear, once again you address ALL Parents. Some of US KNOW what THIS feels - but, do YOU?

      Oh yeah, hear me: in 2001 or 2 I DID "lose" my Child. n fact she was there all cool , hiding herself behind the huge inflatable "castle" on the beach where we were, making Sand Castles. As she saw me approaching her, she put the angry mode on: Leave me Alone! It's to hot out there, I want to do my sand castles." ALL the other parents were looking for her, the FIRST thing I had called for, was SILENCE.
      Everyone had made SILENCE.
      To this DAY I am STILL grateful to EVERYONE who was there then, because they all looked at me after I yelled: MY CHILD! MY CHILD!
      Then I called for SILENCE. We could all hear every wave of the sea, every blow of the breeze. Some people were whispering, told to shut up by Mums and GrandMthers, Men.
      Everybody looked out for an Infant, aged 3, blonde, ebergetic, some were asking me, what eyes colur? Is she tanned? Etc.
      I managed to keep the silence running. I needed SOUND, selective one. I used my senses first, then I felt SUPPORTED in my action: I used my brain.
      Think, think, think very sharply. While an army of Families were either looking, diving int the sea, and Others were going everywhere to ask about a lil blonde, untanned girl, aged about 3, I said Thanks, keep on doing this, and used my THINKING. I went back onto my steps, asking the mobile snack van if they'd seen such a Child. Yes. They had. Then I thought: she must be nearby, the panic filled me again and I ran to the STREET -with the Blackpool TRAMS. My mother ran after me. But I said: STAY THERE AND WATCH, HEAR.
      Then I ran back to that van, and someone said: Isn't she the lil one who plays by the inflatable castle there? I said WHERE? They couldn't tell me, panicking in case it wouldn't be her. I Ran over that place when i SAW Her.

      Never, NEVER ANY MUM or DAD -or Guardian / grandMother/ GrandFather/ Else Family or true Friend would stop LOOKING if any Child of OURS would go missing. HENCE, therfore, subsequently and in CONCLUSION, NEVER I would condone Mrs KATE HEALY, Mr Gerald MCCANN, or even their "Friends" like FIONA PAYNE or the flabastic Jane TANNER, etc... who lazily, LAIDBACK, stayed in that 5a flat of their HOLIDAYS while Little Madeleine was so-called "MISSING"!

      Who else would believe this?

      Not only that, but both parents also rushed to call Family and FRiends in the UK to tell LIES: OH THE KIDS' WINDOW WAS SMASHED!

      NO IT WAS NOT! It wasn't. That WINDOW was NEVER "SMASHED".


      LIARS! I do NOT believe you! NO ONE DOES!

  5. We stopped donating over two years ago. We reckon Madeleine is dead.

  6. Okay - why are we surprised.
    Where have you seen truth and justice win anywhere.
    Iraq, Libya, Somalia ........
    We have legalised torture camps, we bomb the shit out
    of countries that are doing very well.
    Pedophiles get lesser sentences than looters.

    So why are we surprised.

    The only way you are going to get truth is to kick
    every known political party out of parliament and start
    again with people who don't want to be in politics.

    It is not only this case where there is no justice but
    everywhere that it is lacking.

    And yet truth is building herself up - in an form of energy
    that will take us by surprise.
    I have faith that the evil reign will soon be over -
    and then a whole lot of justice will shine through.

  7. When I go to the polls next week I will be letting their lackeys know what a waste of tax payers money that cover up was. I will be voting for the raving looney party or the green party anyone except TORY LABOUR LIB and that bunch of shits SNP who think they can run an independant Scotland. Those fucks couldn't run for a bus. Alex Salmond thinks he is Robert the Bruce. What a gimp.

  8. The author of this blog really is a vile and despicable bastard. He is almost certain to be a paedophile himself and wants to do anything that impede the investigation into the "likeminded" individuals who in likelihood abducted that sweet little girl. Every single parent on this form who can look themselves in the mirror and swear my Almighty God that they have NEVER left any of their children out of their direct line of sight for even a single second are perfectly entitled to spew out all the vicious bile that they like. All the others of us who are less than perfect, don't we think Gerry and Kate have suffered enough.

    The vile and despicable bastard who anonymously authors this blog should be horsewhipped, he is a pathetic dribble of an excuse for a man. He's clearly impotent, with a penis so small that it's not visible to the naked eye. And obviously he's brimming with righteous indignation and feels justified in crucifying Gerry and Kate's parenting skills, under no circumstances would ever agree to accept any criticism of himself and the pathetic excuse for a human being that he is.

    If you're so brave, why don't you publish your name and address and I will come around to your house and we can discuss things, man to man and face to face. Not that you will have much of a face after I've finished with you, you pathetic little fuck!


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