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Maddy Age-Progression Lab - Upgraded

Spoof by our scorching, inimitable KA OSSIS!
-"upgraded" by your Friend Mega ;0) -

Note that "Maddy" would now be nearly NINE years old, but, technically, OK, "she"would be eight. It's approaching her "birthday". Of course "it"'s approaching her "anniversary" too.
So NO stone un-turned, we all get it, yeah I will NOT leave ONE stone unturned..., I might as well get to Egypt and ask everyone there why so many stones were turned, now all tombs and sarcophages have been raided and appear completely EMPTY. Have they seen Maddy too? Oh well, perhaps the same isn't happening regarding the MADDY's FUND after all, is it EMPTY? Or does it only appear to be so?

Curiously if my own fund gets emptied then I fill it up by work, hard one, but in the case of Mrs Kate HEALY I see that she still holds, proudly, the key for the Rothley "Manor", NOT having to job-search nor having to re-train as a Doctor. Busy times, busy ways. Updating a "bewk" must be "hell", oh dear.

Anyway any other time - and this one is NO exception- that approaches "Maddy's Anniversary" (3rd May) or "Birthday" next, (12th May), sees a myriad of Sightings and an equally abundant flurry of press-articles.

Curiously, very curiously in fact, when it's about an opponent WINNING A TRAL IN COURT, like Mr G. AMARAL recently regarding his Book, A Verdade Di Mentira, (Truth about the LIES), the TRUTH of the FACTS is COMPLETELY BLANKED, BLACKED OUT, by ALL "media".

Anyway here is an "image" that is supposed to represent "our Maddy" right NOW, at nearly NINE years old:

Story Image
Mmh, Olivia Newton John at 55? (after visible cosmetic surgery)  OMG what has happened on the ears lobe?!- - - Why do they always have to look American??

IS THAT WHAT AN EIGHT YEAR OLD IS SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKING LIKE? Both grandmothers must be so proud: Oh look! She looks like ME!
Source: Express Co Uk

It says in French: LOOK INTO MY EYES, etc. So once again, with no more concern than hot chinese lanterns massively threw into the air or else dangerous colony of balloons, we all saw a pair of parents who left their kids, THREE under THREE years old, ALONE, UNATTENDED in a holiday flat, claiming very strangely that , due to a "forced entry" with so-called "smashed windows" and "damaged shutter" (LIES!!!!), their nearly 4 years old "Madeleine" was "abducted", on top of it were also URGING EVERYBODY TO LOOK INTO EVERYBODY ELSE'S CHILD'S EYES!



Excuse me Mr Cameron, but these uncaring, neglecting people you grant private interviews to in your PM office, using tax payers money, use and abuse your paid time, and ours, big style. Why don't you BOOT them in the BUTT and launch the Social Services on them?! This should calm them down for a little while. You would also do your DUTY.
Mr Cameron, you should also set the POLICE on them, for public lie and misuse of media, and abuse of public trust in their vast appeals for donations. Yes, use and abuse of public trust, because this has happened in England too, and in the rest of Great Britain, not just in Portugal. The people here have been lied to and even hidden facts!
Mr Cameron, you should also look at what happens to other cases where lies and fraud are suspected - if not totally evident like in the case of their "forced entry" which was not even a theory, but mere, gross fabrication. The McCanns still knock at your door and ask for special treatment, so why don't you take the usual measures and set a good old fashion TRIAL to question these two globe trotters, and allow the true LIGHT be shed on the biggest enigma of the year 2007?
I'm sure if you reacted the way you really should, Mr Cameron, they would stop FOR GOOD coming knocking at your door and waste your precious time. I think you should mind  the Homeless, the energy bills, the lack of electric re-fuel point for Electric Cars, the lack of flexibility for people who start a business, Education and, of course, the NHS. Or are the Mcanns STILL more important that all this in your eyes?! If so I'd really need to know WHY!
Thank you for reading.

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  1. Not to mention the core-budget of Great Britain out-forked public taxes on income and VAT to support America in its stubborn, endless, RACIST WARS against the Middle East for PETROL profits?
    This country's a shit ends. Mr david cameron is no other clown than blair witch project and the brown ass gordon the 'almighty' have proven to be. Yet as you say somewhere totally different parties... I so agree with Orwell indeed.
    The day ppl will stop trying to get good marks like 50p extra per week, by acting like perfy little pupps, and will sacrifice 1 hour of gay-and-lesbos series on the damned bbc or itv, go on the net instead and sign a petition or 2, drop a comment where they read there's a deep issue, the day they'll think, how about if it was my children or me who are slaughtered in a war? yes please think, for its a cert that innocent ppl, including kids, have been massacred, all thanks to your out-forked tax money.


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