Friday, 20 April 2012

PM promises to look into Katrice Lee case

"PM promises to look into Katrice Lee case

THE father of a British girl who went missing in Germany 30 years ago wants the Prime Minister to meet with her family as he did with the parents of Madeline McCann.

David Cameron promised to look into the case of Hartlepool youngster Katrice Lee, who disappeared from a British Army base in Germany in 1981, during Prime Minister’s Questions today.
It comes as Spanish police received a report of a possible sighting in the Costa Del Sol of missing youngster Madeline McCann, who went missing in Portugal in 2007.
Katrice’s family have battled for the Military Police to release files relating to the two-year-old’s disappearance for the past three decades.
Now her dad Richard Lee, from the Stockton Road area of Hartlepool, says Mr Cameron should meet with Katrice’s mum, just as he did with the parents of Madeline McCann.
Mr Lee, 62, said: “What I would like to see that Prime Minister do is at least give Katrice’s mother an interview.

If Maddy McCann’s parents can go and see the Prime Minister then Katrice’s mother should be able to as well.

There seems to be a two-tier system with missing children, those who have and those who have not.
“And I don’t say this to be nasty or bitter, but the McCanns have spent millions of pounds on their campaign.
“They’ve had better treatment and better media coverage.
“We haven’t been at this for four years, we’ve been at this for three decades, and I think the way that this family has been treated is despicable.”

Caroline Dinenage, who is the local MP for Katrice’s mother, Sharon, of Gosport, Hampshire, raised the issued in the House of Commons yesterday.
Mr Cameron met the McCanns while he was campaigning as the leader of the opposition.
When the McCanns sent him an open letter after he became Prime Minister he replied saying that the Metropolitan Police would be re-investigating the disappearance."


  1. About bloody time this case was looked into. It. Is a bloody disgrace how this family have been treated. The McCanns left a trail of blood and cadaver and didn't search for their daughter on the night she went missing ( Jane Hill interview on YOU TUBE - did not physically search ) Katrices dad is 100 % correct and don't blame him for it. That family have had no Government intervention from the UK and its about time they DID Just like Kerry Needham Bens mum who never had any support from The UK Government after all they are BRITISH CITIZENS ALSO. They have MISSING CHILDREN but have been forgotton and left to get on with it but the fame seeking McCanns making millions off their daughter back and only 13% of that fund was used to SEARCH. Its a bloody disgrace. Let's get the GENUINE missing kids Katrice and Ben cases thoroughly investigated they DESERVE to be. I hope the famillies of Katrice and Ben find the answers to what happened. After all they were NOT NEGLECTED and I find they should be given TOP PRIORITY.

    If anyone KNOWS anything no matter how tiny it might be please get in touch with Katrice and Bens families. Just think about how they are feeling and having to live with not knowing and a piece from their famillies are missing. Please come forward and HELP. Please be brave and truthful.
    I pray Katrice and Ben be reunited with their parents. God Bless.

    1. Hi, I think you are really doing the Right thing by calling out to Anyone who would have Information!

      --Another thing I sheerly agree with you (and Katrice Lee's Father) is : WHY TWO speed-gears of "JUSTICE" when it comes to Issues as IMPORTANT, URGENT as a MISSING CHILD?!!

      -Perhaps I could think of one element that could perhaps help?: BEFORE the NEW LABOUR, what did the British People have? thinking "socialist politics", they had The Labour. At the time there was NO talk of any "NWO" [New World Order] shit, -and by the way the big "great" EURPA, "Europe", wasn't even materialised. I was born in the late 60's, we as Kids were fed in schools (Europe) with gorgeous ideas and concepts regarding what Europe could be...
      It existed geographically, NOT politically. We were asked to give our suggestions, like:
      -if you were part of a big thing, united countries in one, what would you like to see happening? What don't you like now? What would you like to see CHANGED?
      Most us Kids were answering: We'd want to see NO WAR on TV... We'd want to watch Movies without GUNS... We'd want to feel safe (and at that point, most of us THOUGHT things but didn't dare saying it! Like we were all talking, we don't want to be SLAPPED - and especially NOT at SCHOOL! - cause some of us were, yes...);
      We wanted to be safe in the streets, with NICE Police-men (/Women) to watch, but not to watch US KIDS, Children are Innocent - yet some of us were approached.

      Oh yes we were all for a big, great country where Everyone understands each other... Yet what were our options? Learn, if you're lucky: ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, or GERMAN.
      What's happening to all the Other Languages???

      Why the LIMITED CHOICE: Effing FRENCH, Headache German, Bossy Spanish, robotic English??? WHY???? Is the WORLD depending on these 4 countries only??

      And what's happening NOW? Same shit. If you're Scotttish, or Irish, or Welsh (Coucou CYMRU!), your Kids have to TALK ENGLISHFIRST AT SCHOOL. F0oah!!!

      So what has the Old or New "Order" achieved? The only difference is: try any AIRPORT to go for a mere one week holiday ABROAD (most of us can't even afford THAT... sadly.)... then you're in for hours of surveillance, checks, waiting... Whereas if you go to ANY EURO- Hospital (includes GB...), you are NEVER CHECKED!!!

      Yes World, anyone CAN go to any public hospital with any WEAPONS on them, any BOMB whatsover, they're NOT CHECKED! So what's that SHIT? Airports are NWO checked, but NOT even Hospitals, doctors surgeries, dentists, shops, MOST SCHOOLS!!!!

      So what's the REAL meaning of Airport NWO SEVERE CHECKS?! AMBER ALERT???!!!! Better ask the McCanns ;)They KNOW their multi-languages.

    2. Hi, not only did the Mccanns take the eyes of the world off themselves they put the other missing children out the picture. These children were snatched from their famillies in broad daylight not from an apartment were they were left on their own neglected. More should be done for Katrice and Ben. Everyone has failed them and everyone should be breaking their backs trying to find out what happened. I am not being mean but other people have said Madeleine is not the only missing child. Let's all get together and demand that more is done for Katrice and Ben. We owe them that.

    3. I TRULY AGREE. And this is why I have posted about BEN NEEDHAM and KATRICE LEE.

      The thing about the McCanns, is while I still have a PLACE to write it (and thank You Google!) is that I completely RESENT their attitude.

      The more I see anything of THEM and the more I think of this Pat Brown Blog post that says: "SHUT UP!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If I'd put my brain into deep-focusing mode re. the MCCANN CASE, my brain would direct me to the TOILETS infinetely, to order my stomach to VOMIT. In the end I'd look like one of these "Police-Press sketch" imaginary woman dubbed by many forum-posters as "Victoria Beckam" - an ANOREXIC.

  2. The MCCANNS HAVE ' NOT ' BEEN CLEARED. Ben and Katrices parents need URGENT HELP. Come on Mr Cameron GET YOUR FINGER OUT. Get a New Scotland Yard teams over to Kos and Germany NOW. What's good enough for the lying fame seeking MCCanns is good enough for REAL parents of missing children.

  3. The scent of death was found in the Mccanns hired car and the apartment they stayed in. In the apt it was found behind the sofa , the parents wardrobe. UK criminal profiler Lee Rainbow said the parents need to be investigated and their own Portuguese lawyer said " its enought to put you in prison. Blood was also found on the curtains which Kate washed - who washes curtains on holiday ? The car boot was left open day and night - who does that ? They claimed they used the hire car to take rubbish and rotton meat to the dump - there is plenty of large bins and bin collections in Portugal because of the heat. They try to silence Amaral because they are terrified of his book - TRUTH OF THE LIE reaching the UK. Amaral was the portugurse lead detective who caught them out on many many lies. The Mccanns lost their case. Now gullible people will know the truth soon and no more money for the fund which they use to sue anybody and everybody who does not believe in their fantasy version of events.
    It is despicable how Katrices parents have been treated. They have been forgotton and left alone in limbo. They were never given the special treatment the Mccanns were given despite a mountain of evidence against them. Katrices parents got nothing and its about time this case was put in the spotlight and fully investigated. It is a disgrace and Katrices parents need answers now and help. Shame on the UK.


      The only time we hear of Ben and Katrice is when tv do a show on missing children. The poor parents have no choice but to go. Maybe it help but afterwards they are forgotton about again and again and again. Maybe the government should despatch squads of detectives to assist the famillies of these forgotton missing children. The McCanns are just sickening. Cadver dogs detected that their daughter died in the apartment. The specialist dogs Eddie and Keela have solved 200 out of 200 cases but all of a sudden ythey were wrong. Spinal fluid was also found that pointed to maybe a fracturef skull or broken neck and bodily fluid found in the car showed that the body had been frozen or stored in a cool place. The UK police worked with the Portuguese police then worked against them. Or should I say ' ordered then to work against them ' how did the McCanns have phone numbers to Gordon Brown ? I think its a case of who you know and the shame of these so called British doctors neglecting their children resulting in the death of one of them was a dirty secret the UK desparetly needed to cover up. But to go on making money out of it is disgusting. That's fraud. The cases of ben and katrice are far more urgent than the McCann neglect case. It was the McCanns own fault. I hope the Prime minister does all he can for these famillies they are long over due it. It is disgusting how they have been treated.

    2. I think you're really right to mention FRAUD, Anon. Ty for your presence, in the name of all neglected Children! It's very sad to think indeed that some ppl like David Cameron have the LEISURE to grant time to a pair that is INVOLVED in an ON-GOING investigation.
      Has he asked them about the PHOTO that John SHORD had mentioned?
      Has he asked them how comes all their close family and friends said the same despicable words about the FAKED FORCED ENTRY?
      NO. I don't think he has, no more than he granted an interview to this FRUSTRATED BBC REPORTER tonight. Once again, I truly wouldn't like to be there for my job. All of them must be really careful what they say and do, but one thing I've noticed, is that ALL of them speak BETWEEN THE LINES. They give Messages, they can't help it. One can only be Human.

    3. Yes SHAME ON THE UK - I back this up, adding it's NOTHING like the England I knew and really liked. The "Great" Britain... is JACKED by a bunch of MAFIOSI, can't anyone else SEE that?

      Ahh but you'll NEVER see any HEATH WARNING ON ALCOHOL poducts, though! And you'll NEVER see any paid SECURITY IN PRIMARY OR SECONDARY SCHOOLS! Nor HOSPITALS! (yet in GB the hospital car-parks still bring a fortune to private firms, well allowed by these GOVs! BACK HANDERS are so OBVIOUS, everywhere you see!)
      Meanwhile the Primary local school headmistress - who is from, guess where, LIVERPOOL!- makes sure that ALL children WASTE the WHOLE moth of December to prepare a CATHOLIC CHURCH SHOW. Sure she backs up the McCanns on the internet. Blair instituted the FORBIDDEN breakfasts at school, except for belly-achers like ONLY FRUIT PORTIONS OR VEG STICKS. I wonder if Ms Old Spinster BIGGOT and NON-RESPECTER of religiousity (or Agnosticism) eats grated carrots for breakfast?
      I think she can't give a bible-verse about Katrice LEE or Ben NEEDHAM.

      It's people like her that give me belly aches. These wimps use their "charisma" to in fact act like obeying cowards - as long as they're paid by their government. No difference with David Cameron now, which reminds me of the BLAIR then BROWN's REGIME in GB. NO DIFFERENCE DESPITE DIFFERENT PARTIES. George ORWELL was damn RIGHT. But it's up to us to remind all of the TRUTH, and carry on spreading Orwell's precious MESSAGE of WARNING.

      Let ONE bit of FASCISM RAMP INTO A COUNTRY then it's open doors to stupidity, greed, child neglect and point blank brainlessness.

  4. Panorama is about to shove Madeleine down our throats again. How about Panorama do a program for Katrice and Ben. Every May we are subjected to the Mccann hype and begging bowl. Its disgusting that my tax money is being used for a review for an investigation that the UK interfered with. How about spending £3 million on genuine missing children cases. I am sickened to the core about this. Evidence pointed to Madeleine dying in the apartment and her parents concealed her body hence cadaver and body fluids found in their hire car. I wish they would have spent all those millions on Katrice and Ben. WHY NOT ?

    1. Yep, when you do the MATHS about it, it's clearly 2 fucking MILLIONS of Pounds STERLING that have been ROBBED without consent of course, from ALL Great-British TAX-PAYERS forking out, IN ORDER TO get a idiot from the so-called NEW Scotland Yard to DARE UTTER: "IT WAS A STRANGER ABDUCTION!"
      When the investigation is still on-going, it's not difficult to add 2 and 2 together and find 4. New Scotland 'yard' in LONDON, LOL, is now DISCREDITED FOREVER, thanks to their edjit who DECIDES of an early conclusion! BACK HANDERS, ring a clear DING DONG BELL!!!!

      Curiously as you say (and ty Anon. for your comment), we don't see ANY of this happening for OTHER MISSING CHILDREN/ PEOPLE. So nce again we clearly SEE a sheer act of PROPAGANDA, but the Viewers aren't stupid, like my Teenage Daughter who started watching this "McCannorama" with me tonight, but dropped after 15 minutes, saying "SACK IT, WILL IT EVER CHANGE?!"

      Unlike some donerats, I am PROUD of MY DAUGHTER, whom I have NEVER neglected nor exposed to the world at 3 years old with DIRTY MAKE UP ON!

      (in the aftermaths, happiness is priceless, and we all REALLY don't care if we live in a nice, little cosy house and NOT a SNOBBY ROTHLEY MANOR - with one of us being "MISSING". Sack them as my Daughter says!)


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