Thursday, 5 April 2012

URGENT Action 95000 Signatures! GOV TO DESTROY PRIVACY

"Government spy programme will monitor every phone call, text and email... and details will be kept for up to a year"

By Pamela Owen

"According to The Sunday Times ministers are planning to include the spy initiative called the Communications Capabilities Development Programme in the Queen's speech in May.
Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said: 'This would be a systematic effort to spy on all of our digital communications.
'No state in history has been able to gather the level of information proposed,' he said to The Sunday Times."

Read more: Daily Mail

However, if ne wants to counteract THAT, action is on at the 38 Degrees Site:

I've signed and shared, hope you will too. This regards GB but if you don't live THERE I 'm sure you'll find it interesting... you may tweet and facebook this action to help us fight this form of fascism.
If you google it you find articles like the one above.

British government decides once again to control people's PRIVACY (of course "as a measure to prevent 'terrorism')... It's the second time they're trying this, the first time was under Gordon Brown. No matter what the REGIME is, these rich sirs who would be NOTHING without the People, let us remind clearly, can't help but revealing who they really are: THE TERRORISTS against the Citizens. The THREAT.

Mind you does this not ring a bell?
Curiously when it comes to protect the people involved in ON-GOING cases like the McCann one there has been no measure taken to control anything but the media and ensuring that the pets were fully PROTECTED. We can't help but remember the special measures taken to even BLOCK ROADS so that the (at the time) MAIN SUSPECTS would drive back home in perfect conditions, while M(r)s Jacqui SMITH, Home Secretary, on behalf of the SOCIAL SERVICES, was broadcasting loudly and authoritatively to anyone who could hear in Britain her imposing message of SYMPATHY and PROTECTION for the McCanns - with implied THREAT to whomever would even think of saying they disagreed!
Dear jackasses why don't you do your JOB instead of playing the terrorists? Start with monitoring that FUND of your friends and stop playing the "well wishing" bad mother-in-law. People in Britain PAY you and they don't need a "nanny" but support in what they do, which is of course the last thing you find if you live in that country, e.g. re LEGAL AID, Business Support, Starting an Organisation... not to mention that what you offer is LAME, unefficient like stupid courses where adults in need of training waste their time, not to mention the money you throw away day after day to force job seekers into having to report to a paid agent of your non-sense "services", being talked to as if they were toddlers in a nursery. Enough is enough, as long as half of that country will be paid by the other half to DICTATE, MONITOR, CONTROL and SPY you will NEVER reach the level of civilisation that THIS date in THIS millenium should see.
Jackasses in penguin suits, open your eyes, free your brain and WAKE UP: we don't live in the Roman times any longer.

Click here to sign the petition as over 95,000 People have already done! Thanks for sharing.


from the same article and source:


Smartphone apps are being used by the companies that sell them to store information about your children.
The apps can gather information of their whereabouts, who they are talking to and even store photographs.
Small print in the information provided before it is downloaded gives permission for the information to be accessed.
The Sunday Times examined 200 apps available and out of those 170 provided the right to access some information stored on the phone.
Developers have said they need the information in order to ensure the products work properly but some of the data accessed has little relevance.
Last week it was discovered the app for Twitter had been secretly accessing mobile phone address books.
Director of Big Brother Watch, Nick Pickles, told The Sunday Times: 'How many parents knew that a simple mobile phone game would give someone the ability to access their child's location, see what their camera lens is looking at or see the phone number of who is calling their child?'
Mr Pickles added it was proof of how weak regulation was."


  1. I so much agree with this comment (Daily Mail, article in question); if it comes to SUCH control and breach of privacy I will too cancel my internet subscription and also my telephone line. I will only use my mobile phone only for emergencies. Already I wonder how I see ads that strangely regard what I browse on the net, on every site I open (where Google ads are showing). In the name of WHAT Google is allowed to WATCH and TRACK my internet searches?(and I suspect, RECORD all this too...) Think about it.

    Here's the comment I like:
    "Born in 1961 i am lucky enough to know what life can be like without mobiles, laptops and ipods etc. Could I live without them? Yes, very easily. Anyone concerned about their privacy should seriously look at the alternatives. Perhaps if we get off line more it might lead to us rebuilding the community spirit that we all seem to bemoan having lost. Besides, are we all not just a little bit fed up of being continually ripped off by excessive charges for electronic services that promised to make life so much more comfortable and affordable for us when the technology was frst promoted, yet has only succeed in draining us all of finances in other areas. Let them spy and invade my privacy further. I'm already ripped off by just about everyone else, one more inconvenience to living is not going to hurt anymore.
    - Nick Grady, Coalville, Leicestershire, UK, 20/2/2012 18:17"

    Read more:

    1. The public should demand Government D NOTICE are lifted. Just like Blaie put on to hide paedophilia in his party members. If anyone needs monitoring its the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT with their filth. The real reasons behind DUNBLANE should be made public and we DEMAND that. Everyone should group together and talk about taboo Government matters to piss them off. Oh the abuse they are going to have and they sit on Leveson and complain about the press WTF. What is the point of the LEVESON shit if this is going to happen. Kiss good bye to governments now ha ha ha

    2. Ty. That's what we do over the Net now but imo that's why the GB gov wants to step in with the threat of anyone 'daring' say anything they can't discuss back logically, within standards of Human Rights, 'WILL be watched and pinpointed'. !!!
      They instill FEAR, this is exactly what Hitler and his fascist 3rd Reich were doing - oh but look how it went... Ah ah ah! Only d1ckheads like the tories (or any "right wing" party in the world) or 'libdems', etc, Le Pen, National Front, BNP lol, racist b@stards *Proud Of Their Nationality* and *Church going* - like the effing McCanns- still BELIEVE in fascist systems. They DESPISE People.
      You're right, people should talk together but I think they do! Only a few who are still naive, watching "Eastenders" and the "X Factor", gathering only if cans of lagger are plenty, have poor talk - I hear that at times nearby, at distance, some loud 'garden summer party', music from the 70's Xmas range or worse, some 90's (remember Eminem?!), but it always end up in arss-guments - then you hear the police sirenes - woohooo - BUT THESE ARE ONLY A FEW. Cause they're loud and attract the cops, the tories think they're numerous! LOL!
      Yet HIS is how the "uppers" in that country, England, picture anyone who "dares" disagree with them, yet little do they know cause they were conditioned to think ONE WAY. And they can't stand being challenged with valid arguments.
      Hence they ask/ make the QUEEN to deliver a May peech on the need on CONTROLLING ALL COMMUNICATION.
      NAZI behaviour. I hope that the Queen tells them to S0D OFF!

  2. The CORRUPT Government need watching. No ONE ELSE. Let's hope they are hacked to fuck now. Wave BYE BYE to NO10 Cameron you little prick. So go monitor that you NAZI C**T. I know you PROTECT the McCanns to SAVE your own backsides but this is ridiculous. Have fun reading all the HOAX crap in e-mails you are going to monitor. Have fun dealing with all the HOAX calls your team of snoops will have to deal with.

    1. From Barcelona 'on Air'!:
      Excelente! - in English now... If the British Citicens can ALL be monitored on Communicacion ways then SO CAN THE VIP's and it includes the "Sirs" "politicos". Mierda. Hii hiiii that woulde be a good informacin to hear them on the telefone to the relaciones de amor "Love~rapports"
      _"Oh Sapphire I WANT you.
      _Focke off Gezza, Yo no te quiero! I've noticed you've let Katttiiieee grasp your Groin AGAIN on CAMERA.
      _But Saphhh, it was all for the show!
      _No, yo no te creo, ye're not having me for a djjit again. No I'm NOT Irish, me soy español. IInsensato! Vas!!!!
      _SAPH... O SAPH.... Remember the good time on You Tube... our Pm's... las SMS?..
      _Listen you TW@TT, I'm in a taxi right NOW with Red Prince. Le dije que lo amo! LO AMO!!!!
      _RED PRINCE?!
      _Si. As you know he's 20 years YOUNGER than YOU you delusioned false tory.
      _Erm nothing, NAD'!!! he wants to SPEAK with you, is that Ok? Que quiere hablar con usted.
      cago en la cámara, hii hiiii!


      After he declined, cause Katiiie was in "a state", they, Katie and him, were pushed onto the Studio. MC'CONS, You're ON AIR, NOW!
      The result is this:
      Conclusion: what was that matter with Gez?
      He needed a BIG toilet, i think. Ffoooahhh, big diarreah splashed on center of CAMERA - it happened next.
      Antenna3 became pale with jealoussy.
      So far no none knows what was caught on camera exactly, or if anything was, if hidden - as usual- for media "standard" policy. A total MIERDA blackOUT!


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