Monday, 25 April 2011

Honesty... illustrates so well the great work on this huge site!

"I don't want some pretty faces to tell me pretty lies"

Watch the Video and read the mighty work done on this site:
Remembering Madeleine, We will Never Give Up! -
 We are Your Voice!


  1. Kate: "I don't want some pretty faces to tell me pretty lies"

    You should stop looking in the mirror and telling yourself bullshite then Kate, hehehehe!

    The Mirror Cracked: only cause Kate was looking in it, hehehe!

    Mirror, mirror on the wall...: No Kate, your no Snow White, hehehe!

    Alice Through The Looking Glass: Yep, we all know about your reverse psychology Kate, like neglecting your children to go for a piss up with your mate's for up to 5 hours a night and for 7 nights in a row, and you think that's normal!... maybe for psycho nuts like you Kate, but not for the rest of us real parents of real children that don't have delusional children called Madeleine and fake their abductions for profit and calling it Charity!

    Mirrors: Yes Kate... alcohol withdrawel does make you hallucinate, and we'll probably see quite a few of those in your book then eh, hehehe!

    Scatterplot Matrices: Oh what a web of deciept you weave Kate!

  2. Hi Ka, is her book really classified as "Fiction" by Amazon?? I read that somewhere... hee heee..... it would make an excellent fairytale for sure i.m.o.!
    By the way it's gone down to £10, hee heeeee!

    "The Mirror Cracked" Woooooarfffffffffff Kate's neck surely show optimum tension, was she forcing herself to laugh and roll shoulders? what was the point of that "Woosh" episode, filmed by her long term friend Jon Corner, the one who was pointed out to Madeleine's "special qualities"...

    She was then talking with an obvious joy of "the window of opportunity" used by "the raptor", then Maddy went "Wooooshhhh!" -completely weird that woman! Completely NUTS!


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