Thursday, 19 May 2011

AUDIO-CLIP Little Morsals: Gerry McCann: She can't be there

AUDIO-CLIP Little Morsals: Gerry McCann: She can't be there: "Piers Morgan interview with Kate and Gerry McCann Piers : And, Gerry, this is every father's nightmare. Every mother's nightmare. But as a ..."

What a great contribution! Thank You Alexis for having given it to our Friend Sasha on her great Blog Little Morsals!


  1. Yep, this is certainly an ace audio clip, I've listened to it myself over and over again, and Kate's say's that her TapHead gang are saying "She must be there!... She Must be there!, and then Gerry say's "She can't be there!... She can't be there!".

    What a slip of the Order of the Tongues when one's acting out reverse psychology eh Gerry!

    Tongues or langues were the geographic-cultural subgroupings of the members of the Knights of Rhodes/Maltese Knights from the 14th to the 18th century. Functionally they corresponded roughly to the Provinces of other religious orders.

    The organization of the Order into tongues emerged in the early 14th century when the Knights Hospitaller took possession of Rhodes (now Malta), and was based on a decision of the Order's Chapter-General in 1301. The initial seven tongues were: Provence, Auvergne, France, Italy, Aragon (with Navarre), England (with Scotland and Ireland) and Germany.

    In 1351 the manorial rights of Old Dalby, Rothley and Heather were formed into a Commandery under a Commander, or Preceptor, who lived in Old Dalby and the Rothley Temple land was rented out for farming. Remember Gerry recieving a bravery award at the Royal Rothley Court Hotel grounds adjacent to a Freemason Lodge with Chapel from the Metropolitan police
    in 2007!

    After expulsion from Palestine in 1291 the Knights of St. John retired to Cyprus. In 1309 they conquered the island of Rhodes but were driven out in 1522. They were then allowed to have their base in Malta and were commonly called the Knights of Malta instead of the Knights of Rhodes. They were driven out of Malta in 1798 by Napoleon and their Order was divided up into different nationalities, each called a Tongue. In 1814 at a meeting in Paris the dormant English Tongue was revived to continue as a voluntary institution. Their Charter had been re-granted by Mary Tudor in 1557 and never revoked and, in 1878, Queen Victoria granted a fresh Charter reviving the medieval Corporation of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Today we know it as the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

    Goncarlo Ameral call's it 'The English Gag', the Templar Knights, or rather Nazi history, call's it 'The Order of the Dormant English Tongue', it's used as a metaphore for a Nation under the control of Morphine, ie; Opium, that's why Kate and Gerry can't tell the same story twice when it's a delusion enduced by Opioids, and the Labour Party, ex PM's Blair and Brown, faked military info for an excuse to manouver the Armed Forces to Iraq and Afganistan, the home of the Opium Poppy, and the British taxpayers paying for a drug dealer in Parliament!

  2. Great post Ka, thanks for educating us about the free masons!

    xxx Mega

  3. Fantastic post KaOssis! Lots there that I had no idea about.

  4. Thanks Megafunline and Sasha, I try to dig as much as I can to connect the dot's lol.

    Did you realise that Ameral's 2nd book title @The English Gag' was a reference made about the Knights of St John Hospitelliers and the Order of the Dormant English Tongue, is Ameral's way fo telling the public that they're going to try and gag us all one day about this case!

  5. Ka . What can i say. You are a walking google. Great post and you so onto the shit heads :)

  6. HA HA HA Gerry. The book is coming EXCEPT that. The book THAT YOU TRIED to ban. TRUTH and JUSTICE will out you greedy people. FREE SPEECH which you use PUBLIC DONATIONS to SUE everyone who refuses to believe the fantasy abduction.

    You can't run and hide from TRUTH and JUSTICE. We will NEVER go away. Because our hunger for the truth is stronger than your hunger for money.
    When the Tapas are put through the nightmare of future interrogation its then you will be EXPOSED.
    We are sick of you preying like vultures on kind hearted citizens and children that saved their pocket money to help find Madeleine. We will one day get to read TRUTH OF THE LIE and leave the book down to pass to the next. We believe in FACTS and EVIDENCE.
    Like BLOOD and CADAVER and the oh so damning GASPAR STATEMENT.
    Well done KaOsiss for calling that correctly. The MCCAnns are against free speech and they will never win. Thanks to all the blogs and forums out there for exposing this despicable couple. The truth will out.

  7. The public especially kids need PROTECTING form those McCann liars.


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