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Ben NEEDHAM's Mum: A Fair Request

"Kerry Needham, the mother of Ben Needham, the British toddler who was abducted on Crete 20 years ago, said: “I am pleased for the McCann family and look forward to the government offering the same support to all the families with children missing abroad.”

Madeleine McCann case: PM criticised for calling in Metropolitan police

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Peers describe David Cameron’s intervention in case – after Kate McCann’s open letter to Sun – as PR exercise
Two peers who are members of police watchdogs warned that the independence of the Metropolitan police was under threat after the prime minister brought in Scotland Yard to review the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
Insiders at the Yard played down any suggestions that their role could quickly lead to any breakthrough in the case, saying that the review, which will cost millions of pounds, could take months or even years.
Labour’s Lord Harris, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, accused David Cameron of bowing to Rupert Murdoch’s empire, referring to Cameron’s decision to call in Scotland Yard after Kate McCann wrote an open letter in the Sun asking for his help.
Lord Bradshaw, the Liberal Democrat peer and vice-chairman of Thames Valley Police Authority, added his voice to the criticism, describing the prime minister’s intervention as a PR exercise. “I am mightily worried about the politicisation of the police force. What appears on the face of it to be fairly innocuous orders – it’s a fairly short step from there to telling the police they have got to investigate this rather than that,” Bradshaw said.
Harris said: “This … is entirely predictable in terms of the ‘pulling power’ of News International on Government policy … However, his [Cameron's] intervention drives a coach and horses through the draft protocol issued by the Home Office designed to preserve the operational independence of the police.”
Writing on his blog, the peer added: “I can imagine that the senior leadership of the Metropolitan police are not exactly happy about this. It again embroils their officers in a high-profile investigation, where the chances of success are unclear, and which will divert limited investigative resources away from other matters.”
In a statement Scotland Yard denied it had been ordered to review the abduction. It said that the commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, received a request which he considered and decided on balance that it was the best course to take."

"Well Ben NEEDHAM's Mother is completely right, except that I can't see why she is pleased for the McCanns family. I can imagine this lady's FRUSTRATION when her case is real yet nothing is done any more, if she digs into the McCann case she should  be going beserk to see all that is getting deployed towards that bunch of liars whose only aim is to make and launder money.

She sould be making more noise and say that since her case happened before the McCanns, without any discrepancy to display, it should be normal that Scotland Yard goes investigate for Ben FIRST.

By the way, regarding the McCanns, why don't Scotland Yard begin with waiting til the court in Portugal this summer? There should actually be a court in Portugal to bring a prosecution to the McCanns, since their refusal to cooperate with the police (reconstitution, health records and all), without waiting til these start suing Amaral AGAIN, and Amaral having to use that opportunity to ask them key questions - in his defense...

If there was a normal court for any case where 'key witnesses' behave in a suspectful way, all based on police solid background, would not this save a lot of time and money?

Ben Needham's mum was never a suspect and she always fully cooperated with the police in both countries. We never saw her fussing out loud to criticise anyone, nor refuse to provide documents. Yet her case for her son is forgotten.

-But these crooks who are breaking our ears with their LIES since 2007 manage to get all the attention - and now taxpayers' millions."

Source: internet chat I have spotted earlier this morning.

Obviously, it pays to write a book including 'Please God' and nitty-gritty bits about a little child's genital parts.


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