Friday, 13 May 2011

A Talented Article About The Book

"The Daily Mail jumps straight into the heart of what was troubling Kate:
“Kate McCann has revealed that she felt too guilty over the disappearance of her daughter to take any pleasure in life… and was even unable to make love to her husband Gerry.

In the book, she says there were two reasons that she felt the strain of Madeleine’s disappearance might affect their marriage.

The first was an inability to allow herself any sort of pleasure – whether reading a book, playing music or making love to her husband.”
Unable to read a book, play music or make love...but she seems to have forgotten the jollier times they appeared to have enjoyed during the first week of Madeleine’s disappearance. Can someone please explain the following video of Gerry McCann on the balcony of the Ocean Club’s apartment which was taken around 6 days after Madeleine disappeared – it paints a different story to the one Kate would like us to believe:"


Article by Sasha at the Little Morsals blog. Please click for the full blog post.

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  1. Gerry's a terrible actor when he's in front of a camera, seem's he never saw this camera watching him laughing his head off the following day after Madeleine was suposedly abducted, cause I'ed say by this behaviour he never had a daughter called Madeleine to cry over!


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