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Is the BOOK the SCRIPT of a "STORY"?

Chapter Seven

As we can see hereunder the same script was used both for tv-speech scenes and the book "madeleine" -Yes I repeat there is NO capital M to its title, made of Madeleine Beth McCann's Name. I find this chapter, "AFTERMATH", particularly disturbing. At some point Kate Healy or McCann describes when herself and her husband were stepping out of the church on Portuguese Mothers Day 6th May 2007. It is included as a normal part of the book, but is in fact a recited piece of speech by Kate at the time - in front of the tv cameras. Isn't it quite a little curious how Kate would have kept her mini-speeches notes? Why would she have kept this? Surely she would remember thanking the People without having to keep the precise note, so why would she keep such token, which surely only reminds her of horrid memories?

 If she kept the note (as opposite as having it it beforehand), with which intention: to write a BOOK? (if the case, wow! she knew so long in advance that Maddy would NOT be found for YEARS! -of which we have many other instances in the PLANNING of events!)
-Or, could she be reading from a PRE-WRITTEN SCENARIO SCRIPT? She has actually read and -perhaps- kept many other notes, that she also includes in the book. I wonder who wrote these scripts.

- and if I am putting my finger onto an element of truth, I might as well broaden my speculation and wonder when exactly the whole scenario of this story could be written: before 2007?

I find all this as it is happening too surreal. Since I have started reading the book I have found it mind-boggling. For example in the SECOND chapter called MADELEINE (the first is called GERRY...), for the finally positive pregnancy with Madeleine, Kate explains that TWO embryos were implanted into her womb via IVF treatment. But there is no further mention at all as to what happened to the other embryo since that the only Embryo who is talked about, became Madeleine.

-Yet on much photographic material Madeleine seems to have a twin. Clarence Mitchell also mentioned the "other twins", slipping up.

Chapter Two Extracts:

"This time the cycle didn’t go quite as smoothly. Once again I responded well to the drugs – maybe a little too well, because my ovaries became over-stimulated. I’d swear they were the size of melons. At any rate, I was very uncomfortable. It was agreed with the team that we would go for a day-three embryo transfer. On day two, however, we received an urgent call from the embryologist, who told us the embryos weren’t looking as good as before. He recommended that I come into the hospital for the transfer immediately. Suddenly, we both felt very despondent. If a ‘perfect’ cycle hadn’t worked, what were the chances of this one being successful? Two embryos were placed inside my uterus but this time we did not allow ourselves to get even slightly excited and the cotton-wool coddling went out of the window. I arrived home from the hospital and headed straight into the garden to do some planting. If this was going to work, it would, I told myself. But I wasn’t holding my breath."

"The next morning at the hospital the positive pregnancy test was confirmed. Everyone was ecstatic but no one, of course, more so than Gerry and me. Inevitably there were more tears, but this time they were happy tears. I felt like a different woman: taller, buoyant, instantly radiant. I could not stop smiling. I thanked God every hour. We didn’t tell anyone, family or friends, for a couple of weeks – we were too concerned about tempting fate and somehow, at that early stage, it just didn’t feel real. For days on end I would repeat to myself, ‘I have a positive pregnancy test, I have a positive pregnancy test,’ rather than acknowledging, ‘I’m pregnant.’ It wasn’t until I had an ultrasound scan at six weeks and we saw a little beating heart that I allowed myself to believe it.
And that was the first time we saw our little Madeleine. Even then she was beautiful."

At the same time as I was reading the book I was re-visualising Kate, Gerry, their friends and all, remembering how I had, at the time, the feeling that they were actors. They were reading their appeals from notes. Their emotions seemed misplaced, somehow. Changes of expressions and attitudes were puzzling me, like Gerry laughing on his patio a few days after the "abduction", or Kate giggling rolling her shoulders, filmed by a male friend, explaining "the tiny window of opportunity" that the 'raptor' had used to steal her daughter.

Kate often mentions the need for violent outbursts, taking her anger out on objects or verbally onto people. Her choice of words and topics are highly explicit and I hide the book away from my Children. She often says, things had to come out. Has she written this book to exorcise herself onto her readers? Comes to mind: the Disturbed that wants to disturb. Or is she playing the part that is written on the script again when she presents the book on mediatic shows?

This whole case reminds me of a macabre machination, a play that is well orchestrated with different episodes a bit like some tv series nowadays, all at once while much script is getting written, followed by months without any show because a new script is being prepared for the episodes to come, and the actors  and the directors are having a posh holiday. A good analogy would be The Matrix. (Or is it The Omen?) It's all about media and production. -And of course, MONEY. Like a scenario project that needed, to be born and valid, a good selection of staff... but that appears distrastrous.

Gerry was talking outside his holiday flat just while his kid was getting snatched apparently, to his friend Jeremy Wilkins who is a TV director. An article was published at one minute past midnight on that night... A Media Monitoring Unit magna came to help... And Alex...

This is the short extract that has suddenly made me realise that the book is just like a script- it is not the only extract that gets me to think this:

"Everybody prayed for Madeleine. [...]At the end of the Mass,

every mother and child came to the front of the church to hug and kiss us. ‘She will be back,’ they told us
. Three words were whispered to us over and over again

and have remained with us to this day: esperança, força, coragem. [...] Alex was keen for us to leave the church by the side door, where we could be escorted out quickly, past the media and the gathering crowd, [...]but on that

occasion, I think we were probably right to walk out of the main door along with everybody else. At that moment I suddenly felt I wanted to speak to everyone, to

thank them for what they had done for us, and as we approached the few steps leading down into the street, that’s exactly what I did. It’s all a bit hazy now – it was

then, for that matter. I know I was crying. The fact that I said anything at all, especially given my antipathy to speaking in public, is a measure of how important it

felt to me to do so, and every word came from the heart.

Gerry and I would just like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to everybody but particularly the local community here who have offered so much support.
We couldn’t have asked for more. I just want to say thank you.
Please continue to pray for Madeleine. She’s lovely

Haven't we clearly heard this somewhere before? Watch the first listed video.
-And, when did Kate get the time to learn to say something like Please give us our daughter back and these other Portuguese words she mentions in this book extract?

They now say that the coloboma is a mere fleck in Maddy's right iris, it was different then:



  1. One thing I realised when reading Kate's book published in The Sun, is that there's no heart felt emotions, no empathy, no feeling,only the blatent complaints and sympathy seeking pleas of a very mentally disturbed compulsive liar, and as long as the money keep's rolling in from their fraudulent money laundering fund, Kate will never tell the truth!

    Nice post Megafundline.

  2. It's curious, to say the least, how Kate "McCann" waited FOUR YEARS to mention in only one little sentence in Chapter 2, the presence of ANOTHER EMBRYO! This was implanted at the same time as the Madeleine Embryo.
    After this little sentenced innocently dropped in, Kate doesn't mention it ever again.
    What are we supposed to ASSUME here? Well I am not assuming anything. I now KNOW for a FACT that Maddy had a TWIN.

    Otherwise wouldn't Kate often say, Maddy was supposed to have a twin but... it didn't survive, etc. All my OWN kids should have had twins but I lost their "counterparts". At times I was crying thinking how sad this was, and you know, it was bringing all sorts of thoughts, like would I have kept on getting pregnant if all had come in pairs? I would have 4 kids instead of three etc... all these sorts of thoughts, and I was often discussing this with closed ones.
    So why has Kate NEVER mentioned this? And why do we see so many discrepancies in the photos? Not all is edition. By the way it would be a fraud to make people give money and look for an edited photo instead of a real kid.

    The COLOBOMA speaks for this too. The insistant mention of a "RETURN" intrigues me. From 2007 I could SEE that Maddy had a twin, it's the one on the tennis court in sandals, -and perhaps other frozen embryos were successfully implanted BEFORE Maddy. Earth and the McCanns only know the truth!

    There WILL be a "happy ending" to that PRE-WRITTEN story.(or at least I suspect it's scheduled this way, that's if no bloody REAL detective can suss the TRUTH out! or is paid enough to shut-up - AH but I'm NOT paid and they can whistle!) The TWIN will be RETURNED from wherever she IS now. The coloboma will have disappeared by enchantment as like THEY now say: Oh it's only a fleck of colour in the iris. I have sussed them from 2007 and my photo albums show it, on photobucket: Curious Is The Word (in one word) and ThreeMaddies.

    They certainly are NOT fooling me either Ka. And I wonder what really happened to THE OTHER ONE. ONE IS DEAD that's for sure though.

  3. They clearly think they can twist and re-write the story as they please don't they? I am happy to see so many people responding these days in so many places, commenting, blogging, producing videos.

    I think they feel they own the story and all the copyrights to everything around it because they invented it in the first place, they had a core-script (perhaps JK Rowling wrote it) and they acted upon it then used it again to add bits - like the public reactions- to form a book. It's more and more obvious to me.

    By Megafundline.

  4. As posted by myself on a call by Sasha to give our impressions on the book (LIttle Morsals blog http://littlemorsals.blogspot.com/2011/05/not-totally-sure-about-final-draft-of_29.html

    [...] yes I can share your concerns. This book makes me REALLY feel uncomfortable. So much that at some point in chapter 7, I had to put it aside and go to another room, even stepping outside for fresh air. I then wrote my blogpost about the SCRIPT. (The Lost Marketing Ploy blog). What she writes about the mothers (Gerry's and hers) has made me tilt.-something like 'watching our mothers being torn apart was heartbreaking'-no, not 'watching', but "WITNESSING", exactly. Then she describes her own father -who has Parkinson disease, according to her- nearly collapsing in the settee, saying to her: 'sorry, I've let you down'... the same man, very ill then, is still VERY FIT to be able to put a high fence up in her Rothley's garden once that they were back safe at home there. Her mother was so much "torn apart" that she was trotting off to a café in Praia... What is all that about?
    I have also spotted and highlighted a lot of lies and contradictions. And of course, trouble stirring amongst the PJ and RACIST ABUSE TOO.

    Regarding the style, there is an effort to choose advanced words and to write well, however these efforts are contrasted by an avalanche of CRUDE and even RUDE expressions! SWEAR-WORDS! "SHIT", "TOTAL BULLSHIT", "FUCKING TOSSER", "PERFECT GENITALS TORN APART", "THE NUTTERS WHO POUR FORTH BILE ON THE INTERNET"... to quote just a few, that have made my eyes exhorbit, so far in my reading of that immense pile of slimy, stinking manure. If that was thrown away and recycled to produce toilet paper, I want to know what brand it would be because I wouldn't even want to use it for that purpose. And I hope that SHE reads my present feed-back. She gives me the impression she's the real author of the "HUMAN CENTIPEDE" movie scenario SCRIPT. I fear for her remaining children.... by the way the hints are plenty in the book to picture Madeleine as a DEAD child.

  5. Hahaha, I hope Kate's read your comments too Megafundline, because yoru spot on, Kate's wording of her book leave's us with even more questrions, especially when she mentioned about her mother beign torn apart, her daughter being torn apart, heer father being let down, Madeleine the night of the abduction being let down, here's the twinning of the sinarios from Kate, like she's covering up something abot her parents having some connection with Madeleine's abduction and what happened to her, it's sort of like she's trying to make soem excuse for her parents, maybe her father is the paedophile that ripped Madeleine apart and her mother was there tro witness it, or maybe Kate is talking about herself as Madeleine... in any event, this is not the true story of a childs abduction, it's just too pathetically put together, it's repetative, it's pasted parts from previous statments, it's a sympathy seeking porpaganda tactic, and it's basically crap, and if I was Shakespeare, I certainly wouldn't have put this one on the stage, it would probably get plenty of rotting tomatos and cabages thrown at it and everyone asking for their ticket money back as they ran out of the theater doors, hahahahaha!

  6. Sorry, my lappy has so much lag today I look dyslexic, lol.

  7. You're probably in the "nutters" that kate loves describing in her book AH AH AH AH!!!!!!! ;))))) xxx

  8. I'm getting tired of talking about that book. But that chapter 7 has also really intrigued me, in the points you are mentioning, Ka my Oasis ;. Why would her dad say "I've let you down?" The choice of words is sickening:"WITNESSSING our mothers being torn apart"...as you give the analogy in terms with "her perfect little genitals being torn apart", it's indeed to wonder who the hell wrote that, it screams of sick perversion, like from someone who got sexually excited at following, perhaps being told and then writing the story. So Bridget O'Donnel seems the perfect candidate for it, hopefully it's not JK Rowling...who write stories for children... You've highlighted to me a part of O'Donnel's own scheduled book where she mentions "pain is pleasurable sex"? (to be published by Picador in 2012, I'm struggling to find anything) and mentions children's protistution in the Victorian ages...she would hence be totally capable of writing this warped "account of the truth" which is, according to Kate See more...
    By Megafundline on Is the BOOK the SCRIPT of a "STORY"? at 21:22

    -reposted, for GLITCH in the system - I hope it doesn't drive People away from commenting - we accept ANY View, as long as it's socially correct, ;-}

  9. Grrr, END of my SAVED comment [edited to add]:

    So Bridget O'Donnel seems the perfect candidate for it, hopefully it's not JK Rowling...*who write stories for children*... You've highlighted to me a part of O'Donnel's own scheduled book where she mentions "pain is pleasurable sex"........... (to be published by Picador in 2012, I'm struggling to find anything) and mentions children's FORCED prostitution in the Victorian ages...she would hence be totally capable of writing this warped "account of the truth" which is, according to Kate HEALY in The Express, *initially intended to her own children*! xxxx Mega

  10. Mmh, just thinking of something, Ka. If Bridget O'Donnell has written/ or at least contributed to the 'madeleine' book, how very curious that she with tv-producer-of-crime-programmes husband Jeremy WILKINS, were present on the crime scene! Was Bridget making sure that her pre-scenario was being played in order?
    She did the washing-up after the cops' visit at 1 am. Funny, no? Oh, a kid's missing and I do the washing up. Next I'll be hovering then will do my nails, lol.
    She PREVENTED her husband from going looking!!!

    They were booked for 2 weeks but left earlier. Kate writes a funny paragraph on that. In the style, 'What? they're going? but they are witnesses, they shouldn't!' - whereas she had their contacts anyway - and so did/ would PJ.

    then she wrote that strange article and you say the style is similar, it indeeds is to me too at times - it looks to me like more than 2 persons wrote that book.

    With the whole orchestration of the events, as it really seems, help quickly there, the first article at one minute past midnight, the 2 briefs etc......... etc......... I wouldn't put it past them that the core-script was pre-written for it too be played by the real characters, at the same time actors in their own game and real parents.... but what had really happened to Madeleine is still a huge question.

    Their lady-friend's website topics was strange in coincidence, one week before their departure, wasn't it about missing kids.. and legal aspects in miscarriages of justice....

    were the Copyright 2006 on their first website server been investigated?

    Why was Kate keeping NEW clothes years before for that holiday? (the lilac cardigan)

    The time-limes ready for PJ.... the posters.... not including "the last photograph"....

    all Kate's OMISSIONS (SEMEN STAIN, GASPARS etc) in the book and her twists to make all look as a pink fairy-tale from Alice In Wonderland... A Butterfly landed on my ponytail ribbon... and where the F did they get the ribbons from...? and other elements....

    ALL PRE-PLANNED IMO and PLAYED from THAT SCRIPT. Things were added afterwards from carefully kept notes in diary, like people's reaction, media etc... easy no?

  11. Hi Megafundline, I can see that you too have so many doubts that Kate's book is genuine just the same as I do, it play's out just like the Victorian past histrory of Inspector Minahan, London Bourgh Police, that stumbled upon an opium trafficking and paedophile ring at a certain London brothel that was regularly frequented by many high society judges, government officials and royalty, all under protection from prosecution for their crimes by manipulating the law and paying to have evidence destroyed and Inspector Minahan discredited publically for exposing them. This is why Bridget O'Donnell and Jez Wilkins have been studying Inspector Minahan's case for many year's prior to the McCann's holiday in Praia, and the real reason why they were there with the McCann's, they travelled on hte same plane with the McCann's, they travelled in the same airport taxi coach as the McCann's, and it was their daughter that played the part of Madeleine trippin up on the plane steps, and in the Farro airport taxi, looking at Gerry as if she didn't know who the fuck he was, especially when Gerry stated "Get that fucking camera off me!... I'm not here to fucking enjoy myself!" because he was doing an acting job, all to cover up the opium drug trafficking and kiddie poirn rings run by the corrupt British government!

    Yes, the McCann's case was all staged from Bridget O'Donnell's and Jez Wilkins faked abduction production to get Ameral off his case of exposing the biggest money laundering, opium drug and child porn trafficking ring on the planet using the Algarve and expats, especially expats with a British Legion membership card, all ready to play out their part in the faked abduction drama to save the corrupted British government from public shame, and it failed!

  12. Yeah ALL so SPOOKILY, "COINCIDENTALLY" "STRANGE", isn't it, Ka?

    It starts jumping to the EYES it's so gross!!!!! "FAILED"!!!! As you say!!!!! xxxxxxx

  13. I have just seen a photo I have never seen before of a young hippy sunglassed head of Aunty Phil with a baby but when 'that baby' was nearly four Aunti Phil looked 10 years older, same with a picture of Kate with a baby when she looked late 20s and 4 years later looks late 30s. Also two photo of adults sitting next to a child but not touching, one of Jerry on the steps and one of grandad on a garden seat.
    One sofa photo of 'Madeleine' sitting crosslegged next to her brother nearly the same size. Today amateur photography is exceedingly good except in the Mccanns case where some of them turn out blurred and hazy. Strange. None of my photos of my children are blurred and they are now in their 30s.


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