Saturday, 7 May 2011

Published today in The Irish times!

Illustration: Peter HananNext chapter in the search for Madeleine. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

oh and never mind the link... it's a company of HYPOCRITS, the only thing they did worth publishing is that photo, which speaks volumes, they are not bothered about the truth, for what that invades their minds is to pat the "responsible parents" on their backs - and occasionally to drop the mega RACIST libelling GARBAGE towards Portuguese People - so to sum up that site is just another bunch of fish and chips munchers. Monarchists I suppose, ah ah ah ah!
Lil Wimps.
Hey the Irish Times, instead of generalising and picking on some humble people who have freedom of speech - unlike YOU- to express themselves, why don't you lean on the INCONSISTENCIES  in that case, and the list is long. You are BORING KATHY SHERIDAN .

bad odours come to mind Kathy Sheridan - and you'd better think of getting Freedom and Independence back in your own country rather than defending floppy English and Scottish NOODLES.
God Saves YOUR Queen eh!

Go have a Guiness now, to Your English Queen!

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  1. HAHAHAHAA!... well said Megafundline, the Queen is of German decent and blood, and not of the Tudor Royalty of the Kings and Queens of England, so what does that show us about the people who suport that German Queen, only that they're nothing more than Nazi's, half a brain, half the story and half the truth, just like the McCann's have the same Nazi habit of psychotic scizophrenics that think they're the bloodline of Jesus the Spirit of a Tomboy, hahahahahahahaa!


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