Thursday, 26 May 2011

Crying Children At Night...( on their own)

Warning: LOUD audio of a crying child -as what Mrs Fenn the neighbour witness could have heard- at the very beginning and near the end. Its Author is very right to mention the differing statements and no explanation has ever been supplied by Maddy's parents  to confirm, deny or comment on Mrs Fenn's statement. Mrs Fenn has left us this year in March, Rest In Peace Mrs Fenn.

Why don't the social services lean on this is beyond my comprehension. Also shouldn't the British Liaison POLICE officers have demanded a confrontation of witnesses to test all participants' reactions?

Many instances of crying McCann Children are collected in this video. Was it this "safe" to leave all them three UNATTENDED? Kate "McCann" / Healy seems to be devoured by guilt as she clearly mentions it throughout the book. And so should she but was that also part of the (un)told story?

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  1. I think the children were never left alone, but this had to be the story, to facilitate the abduction theme! The authorities know this, so cannot prosecute them, because if they did the Mccanns would tell the whole story to protect themselves, which cannot be allowed to happen!


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