Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Only Maddy Rose!

This Maddy Rose is the first ever, and the only Rose called Maddy so far. It flowered last year in June from a rose-tree I planted in June 2007 - and called it Maddy.
Maddy Rose Tree flowered for the first time in June 2010, bringing us all some hope towards the Truth.

The rose-tree is doing very well and many more Maddy Roses are now in buldging buds, ready to bloom again soon.


  1. "The chapter ends with more emotion: “There were so many unanswered questions going round and round my brain; so many days when all I wanted to do was pull the duvet over my head and for it all to go away”

    This is the one main thing I noticed about Kate's book, it could have quite easily been scripted by a screen writer for East Enders. There's nothing to back anything she had to say, no photocopies of police reports or witness statements, in fact no photographs except a few of Madeleine we hadn't seen before and the rest were all of Gerry and Kate having happy times (prior to Madeleine's disappearance) and going about their 'royal duties', greeting the press; meeting the pope; greeting the people. There are a couple of insignificant maps and of course their suspect sketch of so-called spotty man and artist impression of Jane Tanners 'abductor.'

    Nothing like Mr Amaral's book which (of course) is backed up with police photos...and not once did he venture into the world of 'feel for me' by adding photos of him, his wife or holiday snaps. There's a huge difference and anyone can tell who is trying to persuade the public to their scenario and who has the information to give to the public!

    Thank you for sharing the audio clip of Piers Morgan interview with the McCann couple. As the internet has been cleansed of the full interview it possibly shows that the McCann couple were worried they'd made a few slips. Transcript is still available on CNN though ;)

  2. Oh dear, I was reading through your articles and ended up posting in the wrong section. Apologies - I'll repost in the relevant area :D

    It's good to know that your spirit of Madeleine is going so well x

  3. Hi Sasha, yes my Spirits about Little Madeleime are runninh very high. Recently I had a dream, soon after I posted about - and much reflected on- Madeleine's Brother ans Sister, Sean and Amelie.
    I went asleep and had to bring myself awake because my incoming dream - as when we enter another world- was becoming so vivid, I could 'see' Maddy walking around my bed and virtually asking, in her childish ways, to curl up at the end of my bed. This was too much and I opened my eyes to make sure that I was dreaming. I was.
    I thought to myself, sleep, sleep is what I need, if Maddy is going to send me a dream, then it would be a nice one, or a clue. So I slept, and strangely woke up at a quiet time, before anyone else in the house was awake, say half past six, I felt wonderful - unusually - I always wake up with back pain trying to remember what I have to do for the day to come.

    Maddy had sent me an... internet photo-album slide-show! She said: [my name] I have seen these and thought of you. I've put them together for you to see, they are only for you. Click... In my dream I clicked and instantly I saw what Maddy was sending me: a full slide-show of Roses. All the Roses were just gorgeous. I woke up seeing nice Flowers, signed: Madeleine, Your Friend, I love You [my name].


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