Saturday, 21 May 2011

What Does Gerry Say?

What did Gerry Say?.... "We want to CREATE information that will lead us to find Madeleine..."

Why does Gerry want to CREATE information?

Should we ask Clarence why CREATE information?


  1. Wow!!! here's what I wanted to add on You Tube - but there are tech. problems:

    as Ka Ossis said, from 0:04 Gerry says: "We want to CREATE information that will lead us to [...] find Madeleine"

    CREATE INFORMATION, ah ah, interesting. Well spotted Ka!


  2. Thank's Megafundline, it's an eye opener clip that's for sure! It certainly beg's the question of why the McCann's need to CREATE information, and not look for information, it's a total reverse psychology statement, it reminds me of President Kennedy in the 1960's, when he said "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other thing", it's meaning is reversing the psychology of doing into Not doing, meaning that the U.S. Government and NASA faked their Moom missions just for the public's entertainment and for the profit out of their taxes, and Gerry's statement tell's us the Mccann's are also creating it to fake it for the profit!


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