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A file for the SOCIAL SERVICES to lean on- KATE'S BOOK PAGE 129

In the light of recent extracts of the book "madeleine" by Kate McCann - please note the absence of a capital M to Madeleine's name on the title- , in addition to
previously read reports, I come to a few very alarming, compelling thoughts:

Kate's SANITY is clearly to be questioned

- her detailed description of her paedophile visions - her own children are now learning to read and can probably read quite well by now, how will they like reading such descriptions?

- She had always said that she was hiding her emotion in public, TO PREVENT THE "ABDUCTOR" FROM REACTING ON MADELEINE, yet is trying to give a vivid, bursting impression of all emotional and PSYCHOLOGICAL aspect in her now published book, including the way she imagined "him" touching her child 's little body!!! Will now the "abductor" react differently Or will "he" apply to poor Maddy what is described in the book - word by word?

-Other instances follow:


  • the SWORD extract in press articles (the father describes how his son would kill the abductor...);

  • Cards and Gifts from Maddy , that the parents faked for the twins, see related previous blogpost;

  • The Monster game ('find the raptor' game... in the house... which isn't precisely a healthy mental exercise for 2 little children to have in such situation. Yet to the parents' pride, this story was sold to the press to form 'appealing' articles...)
More detailed examples are the bottom of this blogpost.

.... Conditioning and brainwashing Children's Minds towards anger and violence is simply called : MENTAL ABUSE. For two doctors isn't such a behaviour baffling?
Don't they KNOW that by implanting these ideas into their children's heads, a certain feeling of anger and disgust, and VIOLENCE, is going to result from this talking-out-loud in front of their children?!

Also, the father swearing in front of his children and his friends' Children. We can all slip-up and happen to do so but we'd immediately feel
ashamed and utter something like 'Oooops, sorry!" - but not Dr McCann, he is allowed -he visibly thinks, all mightily- to give bad example to children. See

And as always...

THE GASPARS' Statement: brief sum- up for the BRITISH SOCIAL SERVICES:
These two doctors, friends of the McCanns at the time, had spotted Gerry in the middle of a dodgy conversation with their other friend Dr David Payne, while being on
another holiday. Illustrated with sexual gestures, the dialogue was of a paedophile nature as it involved pointing at Madeleine. Mrs Gaspar worried immediately at
the news that something had happened to Madeleine in early may 2007 and decided to report the incident to the police. Her husband confirmed hearing the same conversation and seeing the gesture.

Another point of greatly alarming concern is THE MAKE-UP that Madeleine was wearing on many photos and video public material. Make-up that was self-evidently applied by an adult.
(And did THAT really help to "find Madeleine"?)

All this added to the lies that 'Kate McCann' (HEALY) dares publishing in her book as asserting that the 5a apartment shutter could be pushed from the outside once
locked on the inside, for example, makes me want to alert to the BRITISH and PORTUGUESE SOCIAL SERVICES.... and urge them to lean on this book, comparing it to
the existing files.

In more details:

-Please scroll down for more points of concern-

"Sean and Amelie:
GERRY: Sean, in particular, talks about having an aeroplane and flying all over the world looking for ‘that man who’s taken Madeleine’ and when he gets him he’s
going to rescue her and take his sword out.
KATE: At the moment they don’t show any signs of anger. A month or so ago, I went for a run and I suddenly started thinking about Sean and Amelie getting much
older, they will understand more. "

Read more:

From The Daily Star

"KATE and Gerry McCann have revealed how their twins have vowed to rescue missing ­sister Madeleine from her abduction hell.
Speaking ahead of the third anniversary of her disappearance, the couple said Sean and Amelie, five, talk about “getting swords to get the man who has got her”.
The McCanns also released a video on their hunt for Madeleine, which includes a new “grown-up” picture of the youngster.
The snap – taken weeks before Madeleine vanished – shows her wearing blue eyeshadow accompanied with a pink bow in her hair and a gold bead necklace.
And they revealed how Sean and Amelie are determined to help the hunt for Madeleine, who will turn seven next week.
Kate, 42, said: “Sean said to me once, just as I was putting him to bed – it was out of the blue. He said, ‘Never give up, mummy’. [A child of the FIVE, saying THAT?!]
“I just said, ‘Don’t worry, Seany, I won’t do that. None of us will’.”
And Gerry, 41, added: “They talk about rescuing her and getting swords to get the man who’s got her.
“Sean talks all the time about finding Maddie and what he will do to the person who stole her.”

Is little Sean's parent's "speculative" conditioning really working though?
A new boy in school recently said to Sean that Maddy was dead as she had been shot. Little Sean then asked his mum: "But how would they know?"
Gerry interfered in the interview: "He was very matter of fact. He said no one knows where Madeleine is. The logic is undeniable."

and Kate added: "Children do say things. But I think Sean and Amelie have handled it brilliantly."
The Sun Paper Edition 7 -5-11
page 4, interview by Antonella Lazzeri & Oliver Harvey.

More concerns:

 "Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand."
"An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended."
"Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear."

-Gerry in his blog-

Kate in her book:
  • talking about how much she hated "HIM" and wanted to inflict maximal suffering onto HIM.
  • She wanted her old life back...
But how did she KNOW it was a "HE"?


She admits the existence that such IMAGES DO CONFIRM in a way that there was a REAL possibility... of what? FACTS? WHAT FACTS? THOSE SHE WAS JUST IMAGINING? YET, her two "remaining kids" WILL read these "IMAGES"! She obviously hasn't pictured that, though?

When she was first taken, Kate and Gerry, she writes, could ONLY think about paedophiles! 
 I wonder why... I would have personally thought ANYTHING but that, first that she had
somehow managed to escape by herself...

and.... last but NOT least: Kate Healy - "McCann" describes in mult details how she could vividly imagine, bit by bit, this monster being TOUCHING her daughter, caressing her... and even with  many, precise descriptions of how her little daughter's body would get manipulated and precisely sexually abused by "him"... That is explicit isn't it? a little bit too much detailed for MY liking, anyway.
She adds that it killed her and killed her... what "kills" me is her mental balance level...
Is this person mentally fit to be a mother? Shouldn't the social services organise a few checks and put her though psychological tests, just to make sure? I don't feel comfortable, at all, knowing that Sean and Amelie are with her. I have my alarm bells ringing very loud.

(see the page "How does this page makes you feel?")


  1. Please look at page 129 of the book, where Kate and Gerry imagine what a pedophile might have done to their daughter in horrific detail. I don't think a sane person could have written those words about her child. I'm an American. I have no say with the British courts. Please send that quote to Social Services; she should not have children in her home. You knew that already, but this page from her book makes an incredibly strong argument.

  2. Your not wrong Megafundline, Kate's mental state should be assessed, she decribe's paedophilic abuses of a young girl in such graphic detail, that there's no way an innocent mother could possibly describe it this way unless she had witnessed such horrific sexual abuses of that child in the first place, and in doing this, Kate is expressing past events in her book! These are not the visions that any innocent mother of a lost child would have, because the only visions a mother of a lost child has is of the ultimate reuniting with her lost child, not sexual abuse!

    Kate's conscience is killing her, repeating the image's of the sexual abuses of a child that she has witnessed, which is classic paedophile traits... Kate's let the cat out of the bag with her book, she'll never be considered an innocent mother in public ever again!


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