Saturday, 14 May 2011

Interesting quotes!

 Comparison  -Note: on the first photo it was CHRISTMAS 2006 time: WITH:

Logically on the footage captures in the stairs, Madeleine should look younger than on the first photo, as is the case for her sibling twins. But it's the opposite! She looks older whereas they appear to be younger!
Is this going to be explained in the book??


  1. Yeah, your right Megafundline, the twin's in the photo with Gerry look's like it was taken after the Mccann's came back from Praia, cause look at how long and sun kissed blond the twin's hair is, it's at least 4-5 months hair growth!

  2. Funny how you say this Ka, cause some other pics have always caused me to think the same, people used to answer: it's edition, they've pasted Maddy onto it, but... then how could Maddy look older on these precise pics than on the 3rd May at the pool side?! LOL.
    -like for the portrait with the 3 kids on together, and the tennis pic with the balls and sandals...
    Remember Sean back in Rothley hand in hand with his dad at the door step, September 2007, Sean wearing jeans and that striped green and white top, ah ah ah he was looking the SAME and wearing THESE precise clothes also on a pic where he sits with MADDY, Amelie and Kate's parents!
    How all strange...

  3. Yep, the twin's definately look older in the before the abduction photos than the after abduction photos, like the photos of their visit with Madeleine to Donegal, the twin's on those photos look like they're 3-4 year's old and Madeleine about 5-6yr's old, like they were taken over a year after the abduction!

    You'ed think with all those doctored photos of Madeleine with the pasted eye's and nose on them that the Home Office would have the intelligence to see right through the Mccann's fake daughter abduction scam, but apparently it look's like corrupt minds don't aknowledge the truth... say's a lot about our law enforcment in the UK dosn't it!

  4. Here's a link showing the origianl video footage of Madeleine on the stairs with Sean and Amelie.

    You'll notice if you watch the twin's and not Madeleine, that Sean and Amelie are barely in their toddler stages, pretty unstable and still crawling and grabbing hold of the stair banister and gate to hold themselves up. The toddler stage devlopement is usually between the age's of 1-2 year's old, but if you look at the photos of the twin's with Madeleine in Donegal only 4 months later April 2007, the twin's have passed the toddler stage and walking like they're closer to 4 year's old. For only 4 month's between Chritmas 2006 and April 2007, the development of the twin's is amazing for 2 year olds, especially the colour of their hair, having not yet been taken on holiday to Portugal and that in those 4 months they arn't that most sunniest of months in the UK or Northern Ireland, not only have the twin's grown over 2 inches a month, but also there's such a distinction in the twin's hair colour that one would think that either their hair had been bleached with a hair product, or that the photo in Donegal was taken after they'ed come back from sunny Portugal in September 2007, and the Donegal photo taken in April 2008 not 2007 as the Mccann's portray!


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